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Thursday, 15 March 2018


"....your intentions with my daughter" Pappa spoke up again.
Luke cleared his throat before he began " Mr. Salvador.. I'm truly in love with Gabrielle. My happiness in this world depends on her. Well mostly on God " he smiled.
"I want to be the first guy to love her so bad she'd try to run away. I want to protect her from harm and those perverts out there. I want to make and keep her happy in every and any way I can. I won't hurt her..I can't hurt her. She means...more than the world to me" he took my hands placing soft kisses on them.
I thought of nothing more than how I want to kill him with kisses and hugs because never has anyone said such to me or had the guts to say something like that in the presence of my parents.
"You're a good and brave man" pappa shook his head in surprise.
"Make sure you keep your promises and stand by your word as a man. Don't... Don't be like me son" his voice croaky as he spoke.
"Oh Mi amóre..there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are fine. I'm fine and we all are too." Mamma gave pappa a comforting hug.
He loved her. That was for sure. It's just that he has had a weird way of showing it and it might take a while for him to remember how they used to be.
After the usual family talk and silly ass jokes, we finally set off for home.
I woke up to the chirps of birds singing sweet melodies and the rays of sunlight shun brightly on my face. I snorted as I pulled a soft pillow over my head.
I repeat...I'd rather not do mornings.
I couldn't go back to sleep. My mind seemed to be in so many places all at once.
Few months ago, I was a mess..alone in an empty world. I felt like giving my all up. Oh God knows I thought suicide was my only solution until I met him and all of a sudden, my world started to turn around. My family changed their conflicted status in just one day. Man, I'm loving my life. For once, everything seems perfect.
His cologne was all over me. After the long drive last night, Luke decided we sleep at his place since driving me back home was quite far and he was already tired. I felt reluctant at first but then I thought of it for a minute...I've never actually been to his place so this was a shot I had to take.
"You're finally up. Thank God" His voice sounded all over the quiet room causing me to yelp.
"" he chucked as he handed me a cup of coffee.
"Thanks babe. Good morning" I smiled warmly.
He rolled the duvèt off so he could get in beside me in bed.
"You slept well?" He asked playing with my messy hair.
I nodded"but your snoring kept me up all night"
"No..I'm pretty sure it was yours. You didn't let me sleep with all your 'talking in sleep'. I was tempted to stuff your mouth with cotton wool" he laughed.
"You wicked mouse" I poked his head.
"You're not going to work?"
"Nope. It's gonna be a 'me and you time' today. Dates and shopping and sex" he winked.
No honey...Every other thing you said apart from sex. Thank you.
" fascinating" I laughed.
"What?" He asked perplexed.
Here's the thing. I'm terrible when it comes to "dates" I find it completely complicating to act normal. I know I'm not normal but come on..I get too nervous I start to blab nonsense. I just hope it's all better now.
"Nothing.. I'm just being a silly ass" I shrugged taking a sip at my coffee.
"What do you mean? You're always a silly ass" he chuckled.
"Rude" I clasped my chest dramatically causing him to laugh more.
"Come on. Let's get ready. We've got a long day ahead" he got off the bed and I followed.
So, I guess I was sleep walking when he brought me into his home because the house looks bigger than what I thought I saw last night.
The interior design was one to die for. Absolutely my taste in black and White stripes. Lots of art works here and there. I never knew he had taste in art. The furniture looked as comfortable as heaven and everything was neatly arranged in where they were supposed to be.
The house looked beautiful I couldn't stop staring at a thing or two.
"Waffles or pancakes?" Luke called from the kitchen.
"Pan...cakes" I stood in awe as I got a sight of the kitchen.
I'm guessing their interior designer has more than one degrees because I've never seen a work like this not even in celebrity home magazines.
"Babe..hold up. You and Edwin live here alone?" I asked with eyes wide open.
"Mmmh hmm" he hummed preparing us breakfast.
"Wow!" I whisper yelled.
"And you've got no maids to cook for you?" I just needed to satisfy my curiosity.
"Well, it depends on some occasions. I'm already a pretty good cook you know. As for Edwin..." He paused to think.
"I'll say..he tries his best" he said and we both laughed.
After eating breakfast and showering, He insisted on taking me out for shopping like he mentioned earlier. Yup..shit's getting real.
Of all the boutiques in town, he chose to take me to 'Posh'. Yeah, that super expensive boutique I hate. I tried to tell him that we could always visit another one but I don't know why men are so hard to convince sometimes.
"That would be $189.78 Sir" the Cashier girl smiled at Luke lustfully.
She better keep her cool or someone won't only loose her job but there would be some serious cat fight here and Omfg $189.78 is a whole lot of cash to waste on just clothes and shoes.
"Here's my credit card." He handed it to her so he could pay via POS.
"Babe...I'm honestly grateful but don't you think that was a lot? I mean...its $189.78!¡" I whisper yelled to him as we left the boutique.
"You must be kidding me. deserve a lot more than all these things I present to you" he gestured at the bags.
Just as we were putting the stuffs at the back of the car, I heard someone call from behind.
"Oh look. Its my 'runaway friend' Gabrielle" I turned to see Milton and Anne.
Yes. That Anne.

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