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Saturday, 17 March 2018


As usual, she looked stunning in just denim trousers and a T-shirt. She had put her hair on a loose pony tail and had glossed her perfectly shaped lips.
Deep down, I wanted to literally dig a hole in the ground and bury my ugly self but of course I wouldn't want to act all crazy.
"Hey Gabrielle... Is it?" She laughed, pulling me in her arms for a hug.'s Luke since you have a memory loss.
I awkwardly freed myself from her as I moved my eyes to Luke who didn't seem quite convinced at her demeanor.
His gaze at her were so intense, if I were her, I would actually pee my pants.
"What are you doing here" he asked her coldly.
It's a wonder how one could go from 'happy and peaceful' to 'bitch face' in just 0.5 seconds.
"As you can see, I'm not alone. Milton here...offered to take me for brunch. We were just walking innocently" she demonstrated.
"When he was like 'isn't that Gabrielle and Luke?'...I was like no..way. So in my we are" she smiled rubbing her palms together.
"Boss...I have an idea"
"How about we have a double date?" He clasped his hands.
"What?!!" Luke,Anne and I chorused
This had to be one of his silly jokes. I know he doesn't know that Anne is Luke's ex or that Luke is Anne's ex..urgh..The last thing I want is...DRAMA..
"Woah..chill I know. You guys are happy. I knew you would be. Since we're all friends and we're all dating each other, I figured we should have a double date for a better relationship" He wrapped his arm over Anne's shoulder but she looked dead panned.
"They're dating?" She blinked.
"Yes. We are in a relationship" Luke pressed his lips at the top of my head.
Crap...he didn't have to emphasize..
"Oh..figures" she shrugged.
"'re.. Okay with this?" I raised a brow.
"Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I be?" She smiled placing her hand over Milton's chest.
I need to chill.
"Erhm...nothing. No reason" I quickly responded returning the smile.
"So, the date. The Chinese restaurant besides Phlat club. Just in case we get bored and decide to shake our asses" Milton laughed.
"No problem. 8pm is fine right?" Luke stretched his hand to shake Milton as he nodded.
Soon, they were out of our sight.
After fifteen precious minutes of negotiating with Luke, I ended up not going to pick my brothers up at Quinn's or home.
I threw myself on the bed as I dialed her.
"Hello?" She huskily answered.
"You okay?" I asked wiggling my feet out of happiness.
"No, I'm pregnant." she snorted.
"What the fuck?" I laughed.
"Okay..maybe not. But I'm sick. Edwin's here and yes. He told me what's up" she assured.
"Bless his soul"
"Girl..we've got a double date with Anne and Milton!" I whisper yelled.
I just hope Luke isn't out the door eavesdropping.
There was a dead silence..omg..did she just die on me?
We said at the same time and I felt relieved at least.
"Who's Anne?" She asked unsurely.
"What do you mean...I didn't tell you?" I sat up the bed.
"Oh...she's Luke's.." The door swung open and in walked shirtless Luke.
"Uh..yeah sure. I'll call you when we're done. I love you" I ended the call praying to God he wasn't really eavesdropping on me.
"With who am I sharing you with?" His mouth curved into a smile.
"Quinn. She uh..was sick. So I called to check..up on.." He stood facing me with his impeccable feature.
"Me...I mean her. I called to check up on her" I felt my mouth go dry at the thought of why he was revealing his body to me.
He leaned to whisper "Are you lying?"
He gained his balance fixing his gaze on me.
" I'm not." I found myself staring at his lips.
"My eyes are up here" he called my attention and I felt a little embarrassed.
He motioned for me to get up which I did obediently. His breathe smelled minted strawberry and his whole self covered my petit body.
I lifted my eyes to see him grinning.
"What" I furrowed my brows.
He bit his lips and answered quietly " could I ever live without you?"
My heart skipped a beat and my throat lacked saliva all of a sudden. I swallowed hard this time.
What was it? Was I really genophobic? I seemed to feel somewhat afraid whenever things got extreme between us.
"What's the matter?" He asked noticing my sudden behaviour.
"I'm scared." I admitted.
"Of what? Me?" He sounded hurt.
"Fuck this" I whispered.
I grabbed him by the neck, engulfing my mouth into his as we swayed. His hands caressed my back till it found it's way to my ass.
I gave a faint moan as I felt his arousal and his kiss soft and yet demanding.
He paused to look into my eyes like he wanted to say something.
"Do it" I pulled him onto me as I fell to the bed.
"Are you sure?" He seemed confused.
I nodded.
His eyes blazed with passion as he turned to the room with... Wait what?
"I promised your father.. I won't hurt you. You're not ready" he winked as he placed a tray of sandwich on the bed.
I lost it.
"Oh.." I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed.
Perhaps he was right. It's the thing with hormones. One minute you're trembling with need, the next're useless.
I let out a sigh as I chewed on my sandwich eating up my shame and emotional starvation away.
*On the way to the D.D*
"I love you" he said for the fifth time thinking I was mad at him for not making love to me.
"I heard you"
Yes...I was mad. And then again..I don't know if I should thank him or slap him for teasing me like that. I mean, come on...I thought it was really gonna happen.
"But you don't wanna respond" he sulked, keeping his eyes fixed on the road as he drove.
"I love you too?" I smiled.
"No. You're saying it like you're agreeing with me" he shook his head.
"'ve got problems" I laughed.
We arrived at the Restaurant thirty minutes late. I moped at everything as I did whenever I arrived at some place new. I knew this place but hell, I've had not the chance to come. I hardly ate Chinese food apart from their delicious noodles. Those things had the ability to make me go crazy. Literally.
My eyes travelled round the room until I spotted Anne and Milton beside a crooked looking object that was supposed to be a tree.

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