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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


"No kidding!" I giggled as I dropped my glass of champagne.
"You should have seen his face! He was like Anne..get the hell up!" She laughed through her words, stapling her feet on the ground.
"It didn't really happen like that" Milton Blushed.
I thought a double date would be a terrible idea but it turns out that I was wrong. We talked about how we met our lovers, embarrassing moments and the stupidest things we've done for love. Milton's story was the weirdest but above all, it was hilarious.
Everyone seemed relaxed except for Luke.
I leaned to whisper "Hey..What's wrong".
" I'm not comfortable with this" he whispered smiling back so they wouldn't think otherwise.
"Baby...please just loosen up..for me" I gave him my cutest sad eyes.
He smiled and placed his hands on mine.
"You look like a troll" he laughed smacking my laps.
"You goat!" I gasped.
"My beautiful troll" he planted a kiss on my cheek.
After the little talk about loosening up, he actually did. He was more interactive and laughed when something funny was said unlike before.
"Oh shoot! Guys I'm so sorry..I guess we might have to leave now. Its 10:23pm and I've got work tomorrow" I explained.
"It's fine. We'd be leaving soon but not now" Milton said to be but still had his eyes pinned on Anne was busy feeling all red.
"Thanks for this Milton" Luke plastered a smile on his face before we left.
"So..." I asked eagerly.
"What?" He furrowed his brows as we got into the car.
"How did you enjoy yourself tonight?" I smirked playing with his tie.
He shook his head as he smiled.
"It was okay, I guess"
"Okay?" I scoffed.
"Maybe? I don't trust her baby.." He sighed as he turned to look at me.
"But why?" I sulked.
"I thought I explained why I don't trust her?" He put the car into motion.
I don't want this to cause an issue but what can I say? Anne doesn't seem to me like someone who shouldn't be trusted. She's bright and funny. All I want is peace from both sides.
"Okay...look. I get why you don't trust her. But for the sake of peace, just give her a second chance. She looks like she has moved on from her past babe. Please?" I begged still staring at him as he focused on the road.
"Okay, fine. I'll try in the very best that I can. But I won't advice you to take her as anything other than an acquaintance" he sleekly said.
I quickly picked up my brothers from Quinn's and told her I would update her later on all she's missed. She didn't seem bothered as though Edwin promised to spend the night with her.
Fortunately for me, Alberto was the only one asleep and I had to carry him while George stayed awake.
The bus arrived sooner than I expected.
The drive was silent and cold.
Urgh..I really hated the season.
You have to be all jolly and nice to everyone you meet. Even in the bus, subway, shop or toilet!
The only thing I loved about it was the snow and how stuffed up everyone would appear to be.
I giggled at my thoughts. Remembering last year when I saw an Obese woman looking like a stuffed pillow because of the cold.
No offense, I'm no better.
Now that I've got two kids under my roof, I've got extra bills to pay and presents to buy.
The bus stopped at the station so we had to walk down home. And we were just few blocks away.
I took a glimpse at my watch.
"Fuck" I cursed under my breath.
"Gabby, I'm cold" George whined.
"We're almost home" I assured him.
It was late as hell and the streets, lonely.
I thought I heard footsteps behind me but when I halted and turned, I saw no one.
I began to move again and heard the steps quicken. I grabbed George with my left hand and walked faster without looking back.
I completely forgot my taser and even if I got it, how on earth was I gonna defend my brothers?
I was in front of my yard in no time.
I quickly opened the door, dragging George who was so confused yet spoke not.
I banged the door, locking it twice with the key and bolting it with it's bolt.
I slowly open my curtain and peeked outside to see if I could find anyone but again, there was no one in the still dark night.
"Who was that?" George asked from behind.
"I don't know"

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