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Friday, 23 March 2018


The silence woke me.
I barely slept well with the fear that either my house would be broken into or someone might set it on fire while we were asleep.
My phone was glued to my hand just in case I heard any unusual sound outside so I would dial 911 in just a twinkle of an eye.
I pressed the home button and the bright light from my phone almost blinded me.
I sluggishly got off bed to prepare breakfast for the boys and I. I wouldn't want them to make me run late.
It is my first day at Madea's, I won't lie. I'm nervous. I've never worked in a Cafè before..though, I know how to make coffee, tea, waffles, pancakes and anything one could eat in the morning.
"Wake up. Come're following me to work" I said as I shook them.
"I want to go to Aunt Quinn's" Alberto wobbled as he spoke.
"Aunt Quinn is sick. She needs a good rest to be better" I explained leading them to the bathroom for their bath.
"But she said she was okay" George added while removing his clothes to shower.
Seriously boys...just accept the simple explanation.
"She said that so you wouldn't feel worried".
We got to the Café quite early because it was still closed and I stupidly forgot to take Madea's contact details.
Luckily for us, she arrived in her weird old looking Car.
" Oh Hellur.." She greeted as she got down.
"Stupid mother fucking popo's wouldn't ever seize to amaze me. Sorry, I had other erhm..businesses that needed my presence" she explained opening the door and turning the sign to " OPE N"
"Oh it's.."
"As soon as they showed up at my door, sweet lord..I thought I was gonna finally pay my husband a visit in heaven. But you know what them white ass officers asked me for?" she laughed as she cut me off.
"Weed!" She laughed harder.
"I thought I was gonna be arrested or something but whoop! I've got records in this town." She paused and turned to look at me and my brothers.
"Who ehhrm..who are these? You're a mother?" She faked a smile.
"Oh lord no.. These are my brothers. Alberto and George. They are living with me and there's no one to stay with them at home so I was wondering if you could let me bring them to work. I promise they'd be good" I let out a nervous smile.
She kept her face without emotion.
"Please?" I begged.
She sighed" fine. But if they touch my stuffs or they break anything reasonable, you're fired".
How fantastic.
"They'd be angels" I laughed.
She took me out the back so she could find my size of uniform.
I honestly prayed it won't be dreadful.
"There ya go. Keep it real clean and comfortable for your taste. If you don't like em then just put on the apron on your casuals." she pointed out.
I opened it up and to my greatest surprise, it was a black mini skirt with a white stripped collared shirt and a white apron.
As long as it had two of my favourite colours; black and white, I was in love with the uniform.
I quickly changed and by the time I got out the back, the place was beginning to fill up with people.
"Wow. That was fast" I soliloquize.
"Yo Gabrielle. Hurry your ass up. Customers are waiting." Madea said at the top of her voice making me jump in fear.
I walked over to a man with a hat. Plastering a smile on my face, I greeted him "Good morning Sir. What would you like to have?"
"Just coffee" he answered calmly responding to my politeness with a smile.
"Sweetened or unsweetened?" I inquired.
" would you love a cream with it?" I inquired further.
He flattened his face "Without cream. Thank you."
I would be pissed too if I were to be in his shoes.
"No. Thank you for your patience" I strode past his table to get his order and I returned to attend to other people too.
I successfully survived serving 40 customers all in one day. Madea said she had another waitress but that one had exams and took a day off today.. I really don't wanna know who it was but I pray she resumes tomorrow because I can't do it all alone. My face hurt from smiling so much to people today..including those who didn't deserve it.
The door swung open and I turned to see a familiar face.
He quietly walked in and took a sit, fixing his gaze on me.
"What are you waiting for? A whistle to blow? Go attend to him" Madea hissed.
"What would you like to order. Sir?" I dragged my words.
"You" he smirked.
"What do you want Travis?" I shook my head and sighed.
"I told you...I want you" he stood up and took a step forward as he held my elbow, pressing himself unto me.
What a douche.
"Are you fucking out of your mind?!" I yelled and pushed him away.
"What the fuck you want Mr?" Madea walked to where we stood with her hands on her hips.
"Nothing that I can't get" he smirked and walked away.
Have you ever been so mad that words to say were no where to be found at that moment? That was how I felt as I watched him walk away.
"Yeah..walk away nigger"
"You alright?" Madea asked in her thick accent.
"I am now. Thank you. That...that person is my ex, I don't really know what he wants from me" I explained walking over to the counter.
"Honey, don't feel bothered. When the past comes knocking.. Ignore em. Those bitches have nothing new to say" She warned.
She's totally right. There's nothing Travis would say or do now that matters.
"Fact. Thanks again Madea. I'll go take out the trash now. It's getting late" I sighed running my fingers through my hair.
"Nuh uh baby. Go home. Take your brothers. They been staring at me like I had hair all over my face." she laughed.
I decided to actually take a cab, the last thing I wanted was to encounter the incident of last night again.
Immediately I got home, I called Luke. I haven't heard from him all day..I guess he must be working by now or something. This would be the consequence of quitting to work there; not seeing him daily, kissing him in between my breaks and troubling his peace of mind.
After dialing him up twice and there was no answer, I went over to change. While in my room, I heard my doorbell ring.
My soul almost ran out my body. Things were beginning to get creepy these days.
I wondered who it was. Wait a goddamn minute...could it be Travis? He wouldn't dare to.
With the persisting sound of the door bell and my heart speeding up at it's beat, I grabbed my taser and knife tiptoeing to the living room.

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