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Tuesday, 27 March 2018


"Who's out there?" I called out but not even the crickets whistled.
With the knife in my right hand and my other hand stuck on the door knob I opened the door quickly as I raised the knife in a defensive position.
There was not a single soul out there apart from a gift box I noticed was placed on my door mat.
I looked up in case I could find anyone lurking but none.
I banged the door and rushed over to dial 911.
"911, what's your emergency?" A female voice answered.
"Good evening.. I'm been stalked! I...I don't know. I feel someone's watching me and right now...I received a package outside my door. It's st...still there" I panicked.
"Calm down ma'am. Firstly, make sure you stay away from your windows, lock the doors and turn off your lights. We'd send someone" she instructed and I quickly did all she said to do.
"Wait..'send someone?' What if it's a bomb or something deadly?! How can you just send one person?" I barked.
"Ma'am... Ma'am, please do you mind trying to be calm?" She sounded obviously tired of the call.
"¡Dios mío qué
tonterías? Yes I mind. I'm telling you my life may be in danger and you're telling me to be calm." I yelled.
"What's your address ma'am?" She asked after a dead silence.
"Lord's way 2, block A. Behind Pep's pet store" I answered calmly.
"Okay. They'll be there in the next 30 mins"
" Wait, thirty min..." I she dropped the call.
"Rude cops"
I angrily dropped the phone and paraded round the room.
If I wait for them to get here, who knows? Maybe I'd be dead before they even arrive.
Bombs have timers and when it elapses, that's it. Everything blows up.
After contemplating, I opened the door up and took the package in.
My hands suddenly went cold and shaky. I placed my ear on it just in case I could hear the timer. Gladly, I heard nothing.
As I unwrapped the package, I noticed the letter
"L" boldly scribbled by it's side.
Could it have been from him? Hold up, but if it were to be then he wouldn't have Just dropped it and leave immediately. It's not what he would do.
Or probably he was in a hurry? Nuh least he would leave a message.
I fully unwrapped the package searching for any paper but I found none. I checked my phone too and there were no messages or calls returned from him.
Oh Jesus...
The loud on my door scared the life out of me. I took cover behind my kitchen wall and prayed to God I would survive the night.
" up. It's the police "
Thank God..
I ran to answer the door "I'm sorry...I was just in the kitchen.. Putting things together" I laughed nervously but the police men stood dead faced.
"I'm detective Joshua and this is detective Vincent" they showed their badges.
"What's the problem Miss?" Detective Vincent asked.
"Do come in, please" I ushered them in as I continued to explain.
"I, I strongly feel that I'm being watched. A night ago, someone was following me but anytime I turned, I would find no one. And few minutes ago. I heard someone knock and when I answered the door, all I found was this ....package"
I drew their attention to the box on my dining table. They walked over to the box, doing what seemed like they were trying to study it.
"May we open it up?" Detective Joshua pleaded.
"Sure...of course" I stood right behind them.
They carefully opened the box and looked at each other before turning to me.
"What?" I asked as I pushed my way to find out what it really was.
"I don't..I don't understand" I muttered.
"It's a dead bird" they chorused.
"I know, I just don't.."
"Miss, you should have some rest. It's late." Detective Vincent suggested as he packed the weird thing off my table.
"Yes Miss, be sure to call the agency up again if you notice anything unusual." He said again and they left me.
They left...
It was just me, my brothers and the weirdo out my house.
"One cappuccino..coming up!" Judith yelled as she took the tray of cappuccino from me.
I've got to fess, ever since Madea's daughter resumed work, it's been quite fun and less stressful.
She's only three years older than I am but she looks sixteen! And not to mention how pretty she looks..though she had a bad mouth like Madea.
"Whatchu smiling at? You look like you woke up with a hanger in your mouth" she laughed as she returned with the empty tray.
"You're just so lovable!" I sing sung.
"Oh please, you and I both know I look like a beautiful ape" she rolled her eyes.
We were distracted by a call from my phone.
"You lucky, my mamma ain't here else it's 'bye bye phonie" she laughed and continued to make more coffee.
"Whatever you ogre" I replied picking the call up.
"Hey babe"
"Sweetie I'm so sorry. We haven't seen in two days now! Oh Lord.. I miss you" his words caused me to smile uncontrollably.
"I miss you too. Baby..." I thought about telling him about what happened but I wouldn't wanna ruin this love talk.
"How're you? You know what? After work, I'm coming to pick you guys up" he suggested.
"Perfect... I can't wait. I love you" I kissed the phone as if the kisses would actually get to him.
"I love you more than you do" he chuckled and kissed back.
"What? No! I love you most then" I ran my hands over the counter.
"Okay. Fine" he replied.
"You crazy pig!" I laughed.
"What?" He asked still dying of laughter from the other end.
"Nothing... Just get your ass over here soon"
"Wanky.." Judith smirked shaking her head.
I mouthed a 'shut up' to her and ended the call with Luke.
"Go get yours" I brought my tongue out to her.
She paused to spin so I could take a proper look at her.
"Honey..Mine is working out for a body worth like this. Dontchu know I'm like gold? Hard to get and precious as hell" she smacked her ass.
"You crazy, Judy. Real crazy" I went over to take orders while she made more coffee.

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