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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


I was always happy being a loner,
Never had to worry about anyone
Not until I met him!
He had dreamy blue eyes, silky  black hair and a chiseled body and a dazzling smile.
He was in my art class.
I was never attracted to him I never knew he existed, until he walked passed me in class I was trying to finish uh a class drawing activity before the bell rang, and this I find difficult for me because I'm terrible at drawing .
“what exactly are you trying to draw” the voice snapped me out of my trance.  The condescending
“apparently the statue on the table” I retorted with all the acid I could muster
“well good luck with that”  he  said laughing hysterically.

His voice was kind nice deep and resounding. I kinda liked it.

He did the same thing for the next class and the one class after that, it felt as if my drawings kept inviting him, I found it extremely strange.
One day during  class I got out of my chair walked to his desk, his drawing was amazing. I can't get distracted I told myself
“why are you always staring at my drawings?”
“oh was i it just happened to be in my field of vision”
" i guess i'm terrible but you don't have to an ass about it ”
“honesty is the best policy dearie ”
“i am not your dearie”
“we will see dearie i'm Austin by the way” he stretched out his hand
i slapped it away "I don't care ........"
The bell rang and cut me off
"See you soon dearie" he said winking at me
I made a disgusted face and stuck out my tongue walked away.
As i walked away I smiled, Austin huh his name wasn't bad it fit him.  I kept smiling . I hadn't expected that.

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