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Saturday, 31 March 2018


I was so nervous as the period for the submission of our painting approached, I felt the work was incomplete. Why?!
Well, when Austin handed it to me earlier, It was like he didnt touch it and when I asked he said 'I was too busy', God!!, what was i thinking when i agreed for him to take it home.
Well there is nothing I can do, its already time.
I walk to class holding the painting so close to my chest, so no one could see it and out of the blues Austin appears giving me a mini heart attack
'Dearie you shouldn't be afraid of me, I will never harm you'
'Like I should believe that' i answered with a disgusted look on my face
'Why not?'
'Why should I?'
'Answering a question with a question'
I had to think of a reply, but when none came I said
'We have class and I don't think you want to be late?'
'I asked a question?'
I tried to change the subject a million time but this guy was hell bent on an answer. But l I didnt really know what answer he was looking for.
Finally he decides to drop it and then he says
'Let's get to class dearie'
'for the millionth time am not your dearie, I have a name!'
'what is that name?'
'Wow!!, did you know that's the name of a month?' With a smirk on his face that I would have loved to smack off
'Thank you for the update'
'Come on its a pretty name for a pretty lady like you'
'Shut up'
We quietly headed to class
Ooh..He thinks am pretty!?.

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