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Wednesday, 7 March 2018


“Chai! She must not notice, na Bleep up e go be, I
must do something to hide this abominable
abomination, abi this tin go stand up again so?” This
were words I was saying.
I nor know wetin send me make I dey grind my
lagbaja on her cun…t through the thong, but
whatever it was, she enjoyed it but the tin be say,
4mins in the act and I already ejanlaculated. She
didn’t seem to notice but I tell you, it was the
sweetest horgasm ever!!! Spasm wan kill me. How
did she not know? (Question for the gods).
At this moment, I lost some intimate urges but the
desire to satisfy this girl was still there but I
regained my consciousness. Azonto was the song
being played on the dancefloor. I looked at her and
thought “If dis girl no dis virgin me today, I go kill
I reached for the panties, slid a finger directly in
her cun..t. “Arrrrrgh” was all I heard because I was
now hearing the music. Kissing and manipulation
(good experience I teyuu), One finger in, two in,
three in and I felt like a mechanic that was playing
with engine oil. Using my thumb to massage her
femalecore(like I knew where it was, na guess work
), I noticed she was cleaned shaven. I perceived
some scents which were new to environment, aside
her perfume and my saliva and hers mixing (Must
saliva smell? Shuuueeewwwww)
Seems she got bored of me kissing her, sucking on
her bosoms as she pushed me up(we were still on
the rug remember?), she stood up and lay on the
bed, place wey light rays no reach oh!!!! but I
saw her pull her panties. As for me, lagbaja never
ready come out. 1. Because its shy, 2.Because its
flaccid as phuck.
I followed her into the dark as she climbed on top of
me, removing my shirt as she kissed me
passionately and almost chopped off my neck.
Damn it was ticklish, how girls take dey enjoy neck
kissing self? For some moment I thought she was a
vampire!!!! (Hollywood and their film tricks sha).
She whispered “Santa won’t give you nothing until
you go down on her”
“Chai! So teenagers dey wey spoil like this? And I
dey beg all those my classmates for ordinary kiss?
Omo! God punish those girls. I never even toast this
girl and she don give me tinx wey I never get
before? I am in Jahhhhh! (Murphy Jemba of Brillia
FM )”.. This were my thoughts. Life is good oh my
I laughed at my silly thoughts, turned her over and
started planting kisses on her lips, down to the
navel, I got to the pubis, kissed there, travelled all
up to her lips again. (No be say e dey my mind to go
up again oh! But I been fear to go down on this girl)
“Chai! Was that a smell of pee? Her thighs smells
like urine? Omo! Na me go lick that thing? I don
die!”. These I was thinking as I took my second
journey to her thighs, teased it a little and was
already gaining my attention back.
I felt some hands placed on my head as it directed
me straight to her cun…t. ( I know sabi something
but I go form master for am dey kill ohhhh my
people, abeg! . Na so I form King Julian swags
obey her hands, with a “clockwise/anticlockwise/to-
and-fro’ movement of the tongue on my mind.
(Novels and S£x stories at work oh )
Na so I start to the suck pussay oh! Omo! As I put
my mouth for there, I no hear any smell again!!! Na
so?? Na magic oh! , this must be a wonderland!
. Hey! Its taste is something else sha!!!, as a
wassup former, I no swallow anything oh! But all I
know was I was feeling some salty acidic fluid in my
taste buds. (Who send? As far as say I no hear the
pee smell again )
I reason ideas from lil’wayne’s songs, I finger…..ed
her while I sucked on her cun..t (don’t ask the song
). Few mins in and she was moving her waist,
grinding. Na so I hear “F…UC ….K ME HARD”.
Ahahahaha! Cool down!, na the song wey dey play
for speakers be that. no be Yvonne talk am. Tobby
ur head dey dia!!!!!(I exclaimed in my mind).
It amazed me how I forgot about my greatest
fantasy (Big A$$). Na so e dey be? So if I dey
Unclad with babe, I no go like yansh and b.o.obs
again? (Question for the gods)
“Arrrrrgh! Yeeaaaaaah!!” Were what I heard as I
was enjoying D’prince’s Take Banana song. I
quickly got back to her as I heared more rhythmic
moans, I must have been sucking on this for like
5mins. Spasm all over, she was shaking like a girl
with convulsion as she came all over my mouth. ,
“Danladi you just made a girl KUM? Baba
ohhhhhhhhhh!”. Na So lagbaja wake up from
Shock of life!!!!!!.. This thing don stand? He stood?
He is standing? Chai! See as maturalation nearly
make me think say I be okobo.(Whatever dat meant
in yoruba sha)
After like 20seconds(I guess ) of spasm, she
finally let out a “Damn you are a good sucker!!!!!!

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