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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


She said something I didn’t understand or hear but
I just laughed like I heard(Everyone does that
right? )..
Ok, what I had in mind that could be of benefit to
her was to caress her huge “packaged” b0-0bs. But
it wasn’t gonna be possible, because I didn’t want
to disrespect her since we were outside and our
upper side were visible especially to people that
were swimming. And I couldn’t remove the towel
covering the lower side.. “Think
Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.. Some unknown stranger
whispered in my ears .
“?eta®ded pe?vert huh?”.. I whispered into her ear
as I tried placing my hands just below her navel. It
was then I remembered she was wearing a
Gown!!!!. “Blood of Goat!!!!”.. I exclaimed in my
mind but I guess she felt the disappointment from
the movement of my hand under the towel.. But all
she did was laugh and said “See yourself?
“Ehe! Na so abi? I must touch your navel today”(Na
lie oh! I wan touch wetin pass navel.. But na place
person dey start abi?”..
Down my hand went, to her laps where the
cinderella kind of short gown reached.. I tried not to
be fast as I caressed her outer and inner thighs. In
doing this, she left out a moan and moved her legs.
“Oboy! Nice Job!! Oya, she don invite us be that, do
more caressing before you raise that gown!!!!”..
This was lagbaja telling my hands as it was eager to
have the gown up.. Like what’s the difference
anyway? There is still a pant after this one..
I kissed her on the shoulder and on the neck using
my left hand to support my eLevated posture and
using my right hand to caress her thighs I could
swear were not as big as I imagine .I guess she
lost consciousness of the environment like I did
earlier because she turned her neck to kiss me..
(For a moment I thought she was an OWL!!! )
*Oboy! Lisa Ann sef go fear this my system! *
Still caressing her thighs(which I thought to myself
twas high time I fast forward) and she, still hustling
her lips for me to kiss, my hands went straight to
her pa..nties and the thoughts of me touching the
lacy underwear I saw today skied rocket my
hormones as I could feel a huge wet spot (Or a
well? Maybe ) through that lacy wonder.
With faith’s pussay just a 0cm away from me, I had
to reposition lagbaja from grinding her A$$y$ from the back so that what happened in
2135 will not repeat itself . 2135 as in time ohhh!
(9:35pm … Do I need to remind you what
happened by that time with Yvonne? )
Lost in the moment, I was looking for her hole, like
her posture made me confused where I will find her
pussay entrance. Found it though (chai! The
place where I find am eh, he come be like say na
her harnus ). *no blame me, I never still know
road! *
She was as wet as wet!!!. If you saw me by this
time, you will probably think my ancestors were
Rabbits because I was trying to silent her loud
moans. (If you haven’t seen a rabbit that stored
food in its mouth before, you are on a long
“Omo! So na like dis I for dull and allow this babe
carry this pot of soup waka? I for kill myself
oh!!!”(Like I killed myself when I didn’t straffff
Yvonne )… I thought as I slipped a finger into her
pussay, she left out a soft moan into my “Rabbit”
mouth and this woke up the lion in me . *Pitty I
can’t touch the bosoms because I could them
scream “Pick me! Pick me!!” Like one dumb advert I
once saw on TV.. I am yet to hold overFOOL(FULL)
bosoms for my hands oh, I also pitied myself sha .
At this moment, I wasn’t expecting something
special, just make this hot girl Hot and naughty..
“See her eyes, closed.. Her mouth scented
(Mixture of our ever DIEodorant saliva but I
couldn’t accuse myself nah “ mind wandered
(Girls, becareFOOL of this mind) but to my
surprise, I felt a hand struggling to pass under my
right arm(Which was busy playing ) and I just
knew where it was going.
“Its Coming for me!!!!!!.. Clear road my guy”..
Lagbaja screamed.. Perhaps it was talking to the
hand .. And just like some magical healing, I clear
road sharp sharp!.
Woo.. I didn’t know what happened oh, but belt no
gree open for am (why I wear belt nah ? Chai!)..
She didn’t give up as she placed her hands on it of
the lagbaja mask(trouser) and I just left out a moan
I so much knew was fake (Karma should better
not notice ) but it was just something I felt like
doing(maybe that’s how men moan but anyhow, she
sha noticed I liked it because she was manipulating
(btw, Dear Oga Seun, Fin…gering is manipulation?
Respect Baba! I sha wrote the real
Manupulating ) my lagbaja..
It was so sweet that I started closing my eyes,
loosing consciousness of the environment.. You can
probably say I was in Hellven(Stomach pain and
this sweet first time feeling) and ofcourse, I
increased the tempo at which my fingers where
going in and out of her pussay. (I come begin dey
hear sound under there , I remember A friend of
mine telling me wide pussays makes noise when
fingaaring but he can be wrong you know? Because
I couldn’t put three fingers in there, chai! I even
went straight from 1 finger to 4 , just because this
yeye man lied… (Awon fake A$$ niggahs always
forming what they don’t know.. Mtchewwwww)

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