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Thursday, 15 March 2018


” Go get a room ye silly kids that stays in the

same house!!!!!!!!! Or y’all want a

ttthr….eeee…some…” A commanding voice from


The two of us looked up in some quick reflex to the

direction of where the voice came. Something in me

told me it was Asamoah but I just had to confirm

things for myself, am sure Faith was of the same

thoughts because she joined me as I smiled and

rained self praises(Whoever said only some

particular set of people from nigeria loved praises

though ) on Asamoah whom to me was dead

drunk and super fly on weed.

“You two be misbehaving, na today una know say

strafffing good? Get a room or die!!!!”.. Asamoah


And No, I wasn’t regretting, scared or even shakey..

All I know was that it felt good being caught by him

(the same guy that’s been lying to me.. Or so I

thought.. But who cares? ) *not like I was gonna

get a fluting or anything on that “___/” chair anyway


My hand was still under the towel, doing absolutely

nothing but I could feel faith’s pussay juice dry on

my hands while I was listening to craps Asamoah

had to say.. “Beensh can you die now?” Was what

faith said to Asamoah in an attempt to shut him up

and it worked .

“Hmmmmm! That has gotta be the 3rd best

moment of 2012….” I said to Faith as Asamoah

walked away giving us a “ you” middle


“silly boy! Which is 1st and 2nd huh?”… She asked…

“Ummm.. 2nd was about 30mins ago, best kiss ever

even if I didn’t get to touch where my senses got

lost, and 1st…. Hmmmmm!, that’s gotta be when I

find my lost senses “.. I said into her ears, I didn’t

know what made me bite her ear oh, but e be like

say the tin pain am (Don’t try this if you have

teeth like Suarez abeg!!!! )

By the way, you and I know I lied to her to make her

head big , let me give you the correct ranking as

of now 1)Reserved, 2)I made a girl Kum with my

tongue(Yvonne) 3)Best Kiss(Faith) 4)I Made four As

in my WAEC (Dedicated to people that thinks

perve….rts are dumba..sses . Wait, I wasn’t a

per..v when I wrote WAEC right? )

Whatever those words did to her though, she was

smiling like her straight face muscles were dead

(But why do girls enjoy being lied to nah? )


Faith: Hmmmm! Seems we have got the same

moments baby. (Ehehehe! No Gender

discrimination please!!!, even though that sounded

like a lie, it was sweet to hear )

Me: Sounds cool yo, now can you please turn

around and listen to my heart beat once more?

(Former position).

Faith: Alright per…v.. But what ever it is, that was

huge!!.. (Eheheh! Like you already know.. No just

talk say she dey lie oh! Because this one I believe

am die… If not for anything else, at least for the hole

my three hands couldn’t penetraYte..

When she was turning, I had a revelation from

nowhere that sounded like “Omo! You no go smell

your hands see if Ajekpako(only 1 wey I finger for

SS3 ) and Ajebotas dey smell the same? ” (Ohh!

I also did this to Yvonne after she closed the door..

Codedly oh .. Don’t ask me her smell ).. Well, I

acted like I was taking something off my nose and

smelled it.(Don’t ask!!!!!! But if I am the only one

that have done this, then I must be sadly curious



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