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Friday, 16 March 2018


I brought out my phone from my pockets to check
the time (Testimony: before before, I dey stay
2days without a call, but now (2014).. I dey tire for
calls ) and it was 1:30am. We(me and faith) have
been talking about school(was writing jamb to
study same course she was studying), relationships,
family and other stuffs I didn’t hear .
“She was made to study The course owing to the
fact that she couldn’t secure Admission into U.I to
study medicine(I didn’t say Landmark is for duns
oh!!! ) and she wasn’t enjoying it. Owing to the
fact that she was already sexually active ( .. See
experienced bad girl oh) before entering the school
in which they are treated specially and she
wanted freedom.. 6years in a boarding school and
another 5years in a University that treats them like
royals (Lips sealed). She was in a relationship
with one son of a politician who schools in London
(Who cares? Mtchewwww.. Dts me being jealous..
But anyhow.. He is there, and I am here ) and she
isn’t that closed to her sisters, except Abigail(the
last born whom was in SS3).” This were the things I
could grab as I was already having this Sleepy
feeling and hell yeah, lagbaja was already wild
asleep and the stomach ache reduced.
She must have noticed I was yawning like someone
that was ummmm.. Yawning? while she
continued her story.. so she proposed we slept a
little on the chair(Don’t conclude yet, trust me, I am
a good listener, but girls just like to dey talk!!!!
Ahan! ).
Funny she slept so fast because it took me a like
forever before I could find sleep(maybe I wasn’t
looking well).. Perhaps it was because I didn’t trust
Asamoah and the Druids or I was just yawning
because I was tired of her story ) *I wonder why
she no wan enter room sha *
I felt so special as I watched this girl sleeping in my
arms while I stroked her brazilian hair(maybe that’s
why I couldn’t sleep.. Maybe? Iont like lying to
myself jare ) And watch other guys Kiss and
romance their girls, noticed there were more people
in the pool than it would normally contain and
people were also looking at me and my baby
(Maybe she aint mine sha but who cares? As far as
they think so )
“Come, what if tobby was with Yvonne? What if he
was digging her Pussay? She go don wake up?
Santa Clause h0elowshi.. Mtchewww.. Not like she
has b0-0bs anyways.. It was because she was drunk
that made her make a move.. I sure say she go form
for me for church like she did 2days ago(last
sunday).. Abeg make I face this jackpot dreamed
girl jare.. But that yanxxxxxh!!!!”.. My mind was
wandering about while I was trying to do a “Day so
far” collection. Funny how I didn’t think about my
uncle and his wife.. Or Esther..
From the look of things, seems we have to be here
till morning since Asamoah was drunk as hell, and I
didn’t know if the people that went for a show(Hope
you remember the cheating Joyce and the ever
dimpled esther plus abigail? ) would have been
home by then.. But it was fun! I didn’t want her to
wake up self.. To the extent that I didn’t wanna
remove my shoes that were giving me sharp pains
all just because I didn’t wanna wake my sleepy
beauty .
“Never you borrow shoes that you know aren’t
your size and lie that it sized you just because
you didn’t have anyone to wear oh!” . Trust me,
you don’t wanna know what I was facing but hey,
who send you self? Not like I am advising you, na
wetin my mind tell me be that .. Besides, dem say
na person wey wear shoe know how e dey pain
(tried writing in plain english but couldn’t just get
the correct saying )
I know this is going to be strange if I tell you but I
was confused as to why this paragraph will confuse
you… That’s why am writing it tho, but if its still
strange to you, then something is wrong with OUR
sense of humor .
I found myself opening my eyes.. To me I was just
dozing but when I looked around, there was no one
in the pool again but there were guys sleeping by
the pool chairs arranged beside the pool. And no
trace of background music.. Faith was still asleep
as the towel was covering her alone.. Then I
decided to check the time because I was thinking I
did something I didn’t wanna do …
” What!!!!!? I slept OFF!!!!!? ” .. My
mind shouted as I looked at my phone to see it was
6am.. Upon the pains I felt on my legs(Yeye shoes)?
Upon the stomach ache? Upon the fear I had about
those druids? What if they have done something to
me? Chai! Danladi…. Why you sleep? Even up to
I was lost in thoughts when I discovered my
Lagbaja was still very much strong.. “Like
seriously? Aint that dangerous for my health? abi
them don give me something drink?” .. I stood up
quickly(this time I no send if faith wake up gan …
But I stood up slowly oh ).. As I stood up, I looked
at the Girl that slept on my body for a whole night
and I just started hailing myself (Danladi Baba!, see
babe.. See packaging.. Only You? Devil na area
father, you be Province father ……..) As I just
couldn’t believe what happened yesterday. Thought
I would wake up and find out it was a dream(Wait! I
can say this is part of the reasons I didn’t sleep
shey? ) but hey! Here I am.. (Maybe I was still
dreaming? Enemies…. )

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