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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


“No be she oh ! Shey I told you?”.. The eyes said
to the eye with a mocking shocking badding
sincerity(Pardon) as I jerked out “ to
you” from my mouth. It wasn’t Joyce but Esther .
(On a second thought, why would the eyes even say
anything? Afterall they were all dimmed(you know
how ALBINOS dey close eye for inside sun nah) due
to the headache..
“So am now aunty right?” She said with a wide wild
*Chill! Those dimples weren’t moving me again
jare! Nor be say she get properties like her junior
sister self * (Gosh! I am tired of this smileys… I
need to learn new ones though )
“What are you doing?”.. I asked with shock while I
took a tour through what she was wearing. Like she
was the last person I expected to be standing by
the sink, and she was wearing a Bum Short(pefect
laps) and a shirt that has “I LOVE BJ” written on it..
“Ehehehehe! Good riddance to bad rubbish!”..
Lagbaja said as it tried waking up
*The tin never rest since yesterday sha!.. I bet the
BJ gave him a revelation *
“No! No!! No!!! You are already running things
with her sister remember?”.. I heard my conscience
speak for the first time since yesterday while I look
for a rag to clean the car.
Esther: The Car? They went to visit one of our uncle
that came to nigeria for christmas..
Me: They?
Esther: Yeah! The three of them, couldn’t go
because I was ill.
Me: Oh.. Ok ma.. (With some sad mind because the
thought of not seeing faith that morning was just
sad… And tempting because I was horn..y as
Esther: You will do the sweeping tho (she said as
she looked at me, waiting for my reply)
Me: As far as I get to sweep your room, I got no
problem (Damn those flirty smile I “felt I” used to
design my smile in 3D).. Nice shirt by the way! (I
said with a “YOLO” face.. Kpatakpata na slap I go
chop shey? )
Esther: Go and do your work.. Yeye boy!.. (She was
Smiling with her gap tooth on dislay oh!)
You will agree with me this is strange for a novice
like me shey? Esther wey mean pass my Yoruba
Teacher?(That man never smiles.. Either he was a
sadist or his dentition wasn’t good ).. Well, your
agreement wouldn’t help me anyways )
When I sweep, I usually start from my Uncle’s room
and kitchen would be my last stop. I actually don’t
sweep the ladies’ room,maybe they knew I will be
sniffing pan…ties like a dog (No! That was a joke..
Don’t think it too far ).
But on that faithful christmas day, I kinda started
from the kitchen(maybe because esther was in
there?) and I PERSONALY offered to sweep the
ladies room (Pssssh! I wanted to stalk faith )..
While I was sweeping the sitting room, Esther was
seated, eating Oats(Ori eh! On a christmas day? )
and she knew I don’t know how to eat it, so no need
to invite me(Even if I sabi, Christmas rice virus fit
leave my brain? )
Wasn’t really digging Esther in a special way, all I
had interests in was knowing why she seemed too
nice. I remember she was all laughing when she
was watching Disney Channel’s JESSY.. But damn I
was still having a hard-on!
“Wetin dey do you?”.. Mind questioned lagbaja..
“I swear no be me dey control me, e be like winchi
winchi for my eyesl”.. Lagbaja answered as I stood
up to stylishly check if the bony was visible enough
“Why do I even need to be sweeping this tiles
everyday huh? shoes wey dem dey wear inside
house clean pass plates wey Joyce wash, I sweep
the whole house put for parker and the dirty no fit
full my hand.. Abeg this parlor no dirty jor!.. Make I
go my main purpose of sweeping”.. I said in my
thoughts as I wondered what I was sweeping.
Seems Esther didn’t notice I left because she was
so lost in what she was watching (Ohh! She also
watches spongeball almost everyday ). Dropped
the broom(Or what do they call those things that
looks like brushes? ===> |_ ) in the kitchen
On getting to the room in which Abigail and Faith
shared, the first thing I noticed was the gown she
wore to the party.. Then I perceived that wonderful
scent that was all over me yesterday.
“C’mon! Go on and smell it.. Just like that movie you
watched”.. The mind motivated me as I went
straight to the bed the gown was on, smelled it and
voila.. Memories started flowing like Flow(One
thing I love about english is I can lie it is my own
expressiong when I don’t know the word to use ).
I guess I was missing the girl that raised my self-
esteem last night only for me to kill it again.
I didn’t care whether she was angry with me, or she
hated me.. All I wanted was to see her, even if I
won’t be able to say a word… I just wanted to see
“No! I refuse to feel weird(cry ) again!”.. I said to
myself as I stood up and entered the bathroom(in
their room). Nothing really special about the
bathroom except the fact that I could see myself in
the mirror, and I saw the Soft Monster I was
becoming. Trust me, I looked miserable!!. (Like how
do people not notice when am depress…ed? Its out
there.. They just believe my fake smiles? )
I spoke to the man in the mirror a little. Yeas, I
spoke to it, not in the mind but I spoke audible
words to it. I am not alone on this act I guess,
because I once caught(saw) my uncle talking to the
mirror .
“You this man, what is wrong with you?” Was all I
could say before my lost Sanity came back to me,
got tired of looking at my sorry self then I decided I
was leaving the bathroom.
“Go on twitter” was all my mind could suggest as I
was leaving the bathroom.

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