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Monday, 26 March 2018


The air in Africa was so different from that of Europe.I had learnt this in my geography in 6th grade but i didn't realize how different it would be in real life. It was so hot, even in winter and it was so beautiful at the same time especially with the blue clear sky.
I had just moved in with my 38year old biological father one week ago,everything had happened so fast. My mother Emily McHawlin had just decided one day to burst out crying and shouting "Daniel is your father!, go to him Prisca,You must go please...Now" without an explanation i was moved out of the house,it was as if my mother had been possessed by some kind of spirit because i have never seen her like that before and up until now i still wonder what in the world had gotten into her. I still take it that my mother abandoned me to a man i do not know,a man whom i thought and believed was dead for 18years of my life and i can never forgive my mother for leaving me like this.
"hey..." i heard his voice from behind me "do you mind joining me for a cup of coffee?" Daniel asked me with calm voice almost too calm for me to refuse the offer.I looked at him and received the cup of hot coffee from him "sure,thanks..." . He sat on the garden chair next to me on the veranda and i took a sip of the pure black hot coffee with just the right amount of sugar, " tastes really good" i said almost silently.
Daniel smiled,i thought he had the most beautiful smile just like my mother the only difference was that his smile made his blue eyes glow ,"well i make the best coffee in Chinhoyi..." ,we both coughed out a laugh at the little joke.He smiled, "actually Prisca i wanted to tell you that i found a new highschool for you,its been over a week now and i think its time you got back on your feet..." he stopped and gazed at the green lawn for a second almost lost in his thoughts then he stared into my eyes looking for a response,my heart almost stopped and well i was speechless. I wasn't ready for school just yet,in fact i wasn't ready for "ANYTHING!" just yet.
The thought of going to a new school and seeing a whole lot of new faces made my heart sink, "well Daniel i really don't feel like i can do this just yet,i just found out you my real father,i just moved in with you and i just left my home all the way in Canada for I don't know what reason!,i left my friends,my mother" ,I let out a deep breath , "I left...everything! and now you want me to jump right into another new beginning!,I'm sorry but i have to think about this" i stood up. My heart was racing but i managed to leave the cup of half drank coffee on the little black garden table
"excuse me"
I left Daniel with a half frown on his face,i felt a bit guilty for being so harsh but i couldn't help myself and i had to figure out why everything was moving so unbelievably fast in my life,it all seemed like i was living some crazy drama movie and I'm hating it big time.

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