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Tuesday, 27 March 2018


It all seemed like a dream to me,one day i was living happily with my mother and today here I am living with a man i barely know. Its really funny how life can just find a way to slap you right in the face,now i had to live with this twisted fate.
I took my cross bag from my shelf and packed a few counter books for school,how the hell did i manage to even agree to go to this knew school after i had promised myself not to?. I guess that was also one of my main problems getting persuaded by "strangers" to start a new life because "he" (Daniel)said its healthy.
So apparently i was going to a new school "Saint Michaelson Academy",the uniform was perfect,a blue mini-pencil skirt,white shirt with the school logo on it and normal school shoes. It wasn't all that bad when it came to the uniform but i just wasn't used to wearing a uniform it felt awkward. I tied my short shoulder length ,pitch black hair in a small,neat pony tail and looked at myself in the mirror before going downstairs.
i entered the kitchen silently and found Daniel about to finish his cup of coffee and i stared at him for a while, "Are you ready?" He asked without even looking at me,i was still shocked that he had noticed my presence and wondered if he had felt my long death stare, "yes... I'm ready,uhmm just a bit nervous" i said almost silently. I noticed how he frowned at my response, "you will be fine" he said encouragingly .
When we arrived at the school i was so surprised at how it looked more of like a one storey house than a school,it was a small blue building made of glass and bricks. There was a nice green lawn and the school was well fenced. Daniel had decided that he would enter the school with me so he would get the chance to talk to the principal about a few "things" that's how he had put it. " i will be in the principals office if you need anything,okay?" said Daniel in a soft voice before entering the principals office, "okay" i said taking a deep breath.
I started walking forward,not knowing where in the world i was going next,i didn't like the atmosphere of the school it made me feel cold and uncomfortable. Everyone moved so fast and they all seemed to know where to go and what to do,they didn't even seem to notice "me" the new face in the school at least that's how it was at my previous school if you were a new face they would definately notice.
I started feeling a bit dizzy with all the fast movement of the crowd in the hallway that i bumped into someone "hey!watch where you going pretty lady" the strangers voice said almost loudly. I widened my eyes, " look I'm sorry,i didn't mean to bump into you ,I'm so so sorry" i looked at the strangers face and ( thank God!he was a student)i was relieved,the student was more of like a nerd but he was undeniably cute .
"fine,but next time watch where you going....i have never seen your face before,are you new here?" he asked almost sure of himself. I sighed a sigh of relief "well yeah I'm a new student here and forgive me for being a bit clumsy and bumping into you but I'm kinda lost and nervous right now...", before i could finish my rambling he cut in "whoooooowww slow really that nervous?.Okay i can help you if you just tell me your name firstly and where exactly you supposed to be,cool?" he asked with a smile,i laughed a little at how obvious it was that i was freaking nervous"yeahhh".
So this incident is what got me my first friend Bryan Lynol,He helped me get into my first class which was biology and lucky for me he was also doing biology and he was going to help me catch up!.The students were not as unfriendly as i had imagined them to be but the school's atmosphere still made me uncomfortable somehow. So i guess Daniel was right Africans are nice...All i was hoping for right now was that the day goes smoothly at Saint Michaelson Academy.

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