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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


It was half past four and i was waiting for Daniel to pick me up from school at the parking-lot. I had been waiting for about an hour now,i was beginning to think he had already forgotten about me. Bryan had already offered me a ride twice but i refused for some stupid reason and now here I was regretting my stupid decision. Everyone else had left with the school bus except for the two security guards that kept looking at me like i was some lost puppy.
I went back to my classroom and texted Daniel,thank God he replied me apologizing for being late. He said something about being held back at work and he also said he was going to be here in ten minutes this meant that i had to wait again!.I rolled my eyes annoyed that i had to wait again for ten minutes alone and the silence in the school was starting to freak me out.
I had begun to read my twilight novel which was such a bore because i watched the movie and it was way cooler. While i was reading it i felt a rough cold breeze on my neck but i decided to ignore it. Maybe i was just being paranoid . After a few seconds i felt a rough hand grab my arm and i let out a cry , "oh my God!," i stood up fast and looked around me.
"who is there! anybody here," there was no response,i was shaking out of fear and i looked around me again but there was nothing. I was beginning to think i was going totally insane so i grabbed my bag and ran out of the classroom and into the hallway. I began walking back in the direction of the school's front doors.
In the middle of the hallway i heard a voice. A voice that sounded faint but it was clear enough for me to identify that it was a woman's voice and so i turned around fast so i could see who it was but there was nobody behind me "is anybody here?...hello!" (great!now im definately going mad!) i thought to myself. ' Priscilla....' heard the voice echo my name again.
I followed the faint voice and waited to see where it would lead me but i was still scared out of my mind. Bravery always gets somebody killed. However I had to follow my instinct and it was telling me to follow that voice to prove I wasn't crazy.
The voice stopped when i entered the school underground basement,it was dark and full of old dusty furniture and equipment. I looked for a light switch and turned it on although the light was dim i could still see. "hello is anyone here?" as i had suspected there was nobody here,just me (now what) i thought out loud.
I looked around for any weird things in the room, "Damnit!,at least give me a clue," i said in distress,i searched and searched so hard i was getting frustrated and realized i didn't even know what i was looking for.
Just when i was about to leave because i had finally given up the investigation i saw a weird looking dust doll sitting on a chair next to the switch"how did i miss that?" i asked myself. Behind the doll and the chair there was a door. I walked to the door and moved the wooden chair but when i tried to open the door it wouldn't open'damnit its locked' i thought out loud .
"oh come on!," i said in frustration, i tried unlocking it with my hair pin like i used to do whenever i tried entering my step dads study to get my phone whenever he took it during my exams. The door wouldn't open it was as if someone was closing it from the inside.
"what are you doing?" i heard a voice from close behind me, i almost fell in shock but luckily the man grabbed my hands before i could fall on my face.
"uhm thank you sir...," i said breathing really hard i was still in shock , "you scared me...i was just looking around .Since im new here i thought i would just look around" i said looking at the security guard hoping he would believe my little white lie. He looked at me with a suspicious eye,
"well young lady after school hours you are required to be at the parking lot and those are the rules,no roaming around next time. Okay?" he said. I smiled "yes sir,i understand".
"well your father is waiting for you outside,after you" he said and i led the way.

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