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Friday, 30 March 2018


I looked at Bryan in shock,i couldn't believe what we had just read and my heart was racing. Bryan broke the silence "Daniel McHawl is your father" he said as if i hadn't just read that part with him. "yes,what...does this even mean,hellhounds?,hiddens?is this some kind of a joke" i thought out loud.Bryan stood up and shrugged "maybe its just a novel maybe someone wrote a novel about your family or ...or" he looked for another excuse but we both knew this was a letter in someone's diary,probably Elizabeth did not get the chance to send the letter to Lena.
"Bryan whatever this is i need to find out more,you cant tell anyone about this book especially Daniel...promise" i stood up next to him and looked into his eyes making sure he promises never to mention this to anyone,he blinked "this will be our little secret " he winked trying to sound as normal as possible in this situation .A loud banging sound from the kitchen distracted us,i quickly hid the little book in my jacket and we both rushed to the kitchen.
Daniel was in the kitchen with an older man almost in his late fifties i guessed it seemed as if he was replacing the kitchen cupboards with new ones.Bryan and i both sighed at the same time,Daniel noticed us "awww you two,come on in,i have decided to replace these old cupboards with new oil painted ones which will make it harder for termites to mess around with" he said proudly
"hi Mr McHawl,i think that's a splendid idea those termites wont have a chance with those new babies" Bryan said walking towards the cupboards next to Daniel. I liked their relationship maybe they were this close because Bryan's father and my father were friends or Bryan was just good with old people,I will go with the first theory. I smiled at them "don't be so optimistic ,uhmmm well Bryan remember we have a job to finish" i reminded him about the storeroom we were half way through finishing the clean up. He rolled his eyes annoyed "ahhh fine lets go back to the hellhole", i heard Daniel chuckle a laugh as we went back to clean his storeroom.
Hours later we had managed to finish cleaning the storeroom luckily it was only a few minutes past four and we still had time to go out for a pizza and maybe a ride around town since there was nothing much we could do in a small town like Chinhoyi. "finaly!,are you ready so we can just hit and run" i said with a wild smile glued on my face.
We arrived at the chicken inn restaurant,i loved the smell there but it always shocked me that practically i was the only colored race that came to this place frequently and Bryan was white i didn't know if he liked the restaurant or he just came here because of me. "life just got a little more interesting for you McHawl" Bryan teased before he made an order for our favourite pizza "One large chicken curry pizza please" we walked to an empty table were we would wait for the pizza. "Bryan stop teasing me about my miserable life you know its bad" i said with a smile that i had to force out.
Bryan looked around as if searching for something then returned his attention to me "yeah i know but you cant deny how interesting it has become,honestly ever since you walked wait i mean you'bumped' into my life everything in my life has become quite amusing" he raised his eyebrows with a grin on his face,he wasnt even shy of his words,here i was stressing about my life while he was busy being amused.I rolled my eyes at him "im speachless,you officially the only unsympathetic spatz of a friend i know" just after my statement a group of teenagers just about our age walked in,they were also white and some colourd as well.I counted them out of interest four boys and two beautiful girls i had never seen them before,i guessed they were new in town.
After realising how distracted i was Bryan caughed out a laugh "well those are the seniors at our school,they were on a summer vacation now its
over.Those six are the coolest and the richest kids at school and in town.But one thing is for sure there is something weird about them,i mean they not even related but you never see them apart they are always glued together like that" he rolled his eyes completely annoyed by them.
I was still gazing at them in total curiosity,the guy dressed in a white t-shirt with a brown leather jacket and denim jeans caught my gaze,it was as if he felt it at that distance even though he caught it i couldn't look away,his hair was pitch black,the most beautiful wavy black hair i had ever seen,it was short but wavy and some of it fell in his face,i couldn't see his eyes but i felt them all over me i almost melted in my seat.I noticed that he was muscular,his muscles stuck out in a way that his t-shirt was glued on to his body but his other friend beside him was even more muscular but slightly shorter than him i guessed they were the only two that liked visiting the gym.
The girl that called out our number from the pizza section distracted us "let me get our pizza,do you want to eat here or at my place?" i asked Bryan noticing how he was distracted by the blond beauty amongst the 'six pack' i had named them,he quickly looked back at me "i think i will rather eat here then leave you home its already half six by the time we done here i think your father will be on my neck for getting you home after seven" he said rubbing his neck,sometimes i thought he looked really cute, if he wasn't my best friend God knows,i laughed at my ridiculous thought. "what?" he asked curious at the smile i was giving him "sometimes you really shock me young Lady ,now go get our pizza and stop staring at me like that" i could see his cheeks had gone rose red and i laughed at that as i went to get our pizza.
Just as i was getting our pizza the other red headed beauty came next to me,she was very extremely beautiful,her lips were bold in red lipstick and her short red hair brought out her beautiful skin,her royal blue mini dress was even another beautiful distraction as well.I was so lost,how could anyone be so beautiful, "Priscilla
McHawl the new moon has arrived,its time you shine what was once hidden in the dark has come to light,open your eyes" she said grabbing my arm her eyes turned completely crystal blue,her iris could not be seen,she seemed lost in some sort of a trance. "what do you mean...." i asked desperately
Ladies and gentlemen if you enjoyed this chapter
don't forget and please feel free to comment!.What do you think the red headed girls words meant,what do you think just happened there?,why did she just come to Prisca so randomly?Tell me what you think guys!

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