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Monday, 26 March 2018


A story by Ivana Vanessa Jameson

Prisca McHawlin just moved in with her biological father in Zimbabwe to start a new life. Little did she know this would be the beginning of of all her nightmares.She struggles to build a close father and daughter relationship with a man she grew up believing was dead .It seems as if her whole life was a lie and she finds out she is one of the most powerfull hidden witch of the Transhidden Coven and their future leader.
However to make things worse, she is also mated to the Alpha of the most largest and ruthless pack known as the Silverstone pack. The Alpha of this pack is popularly known for his ruthless behavior, his cruelty and mostly his dominance. He has never wanted a mate -'a weakness' and he won't let 'a weakness' such as her bring him down.
             ...but fate has a way of twisting things ...with fate nothing ever goes 'your way'. The big bad Alpha had to learn that-the hard way.
...More and more family secrets unfold themselves as each day passes and a life she never thought would exist, creatures she only thought existed in fictional movies&myths & tales...become her reality.

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