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Monday, 5 March 2018


Chapter 29

    Georgina paced forth and back impatiently. How did all this happen? They hadn't prepared for anything like this and she never lost. How come she was defeated brutally and her son had to go to jail?. "Mum just calm down and be patient, we should think of what to do to get him out." Helena's voice echoed in the room even when Georgina's heels were making noise over the strong tiles on the floor. How could she be calm when her son had just been sent to jail? The verdict wasn't in their favour at all. "Oh goodness, and that stupid boy, he couldn't even defend himself when he was called upon. Fools, I can't believe I gave birth to fools as my children. Frank, can you just imagine, he testified against his own mother. You all are fools." Georgina barked. Helena was already sobbing. "Mum please stop, there is nothing he could have done under that circumstance." She cried. But Georgina would not listen, she never listened to her children, not ever. "And now he has stained my reputation, you all have stained my reputation. The lady whose son brought about her other son going to jail. Its gonna affect my business, oh goodness." Georgina continued, asking a nearby servant to give her a glass of wine and sending her away afterwards.
     "Its all you care about, its all you ever cared about. You aren't even worried about your son who is in jail and what he might be going through in there. All you are concerned about is your properties and freaking business, do you even feel a thing for any of us?" Helena barked, already in tears. That got Georgina's attention and she stopped to look at her daughter. "Oh now, you are raising your voice at your own mother? Without me, who are you? Without me, you would have been begging on the streets for daily bread. And you dare talk about business? This mansion you are standing in was from that sane freaking business, those expensive diamond earrings were gotten from it, you would have been wearing rags if not for this business. Did your down to earth father leave anything apart from misfortune when he died?" Georgina screamed at Helena, clearly frustrated. "You are impossible mum." Helena screamed back and ran into her room. Georgina ignored her and sat down quietly to think everything through. Its been a while since she had gotten this frustrated. And Katie, who did she think she was? She was smiling victoriously when the verdict stated that Wayne be put behind bars for fifteen years. Now Tony was with her, ignoring the fact that his sister was still with Georgina. That silly girl was even giving them problem, feeding her for over a year now has proved difficult and money draining, she would have to either release or kill her any time soon. Now Frank, her own son. She couldn't help but think he had been brainwashed by that bitchy figure called Linda. He had travelled out, hadn't he? Then how the hell did he hear about this case?
   Nothing was going on well, she must admit. She would have to get Wayne out of there as soon as possible. She heard a knock on the door and shouted for the servant to open it before she realized she had sent her away. She reluctantly stood up to open the door, ready to tell the assumed business partner or office worker to go back as she wasn't in the mood to talk business. She was shocked to see who it was.
    "Um, Frank it's you?" She move back to make way for him. He walked gracefully into the house and Georgina closed the door. An idea struck her, maybe she could win her son back to her and brainwash him, oh yeah, she couldn't take any chances here. She would do anything possible not to lose. "Were you expecting someone else? Maybe one of those you have hired for your dirty work?" Frank asked her, feeling unmoved and not shaken at all. His face was void of all emotions and one couldn't assume what was on his mind. "Oh no sweetheart, you have been brainwashed by that foolish woman, she has turned you against me and told you bad things, but I promise I haven't done any of those things, please rethink and come back to your mother." Georgina went to touch his face but he moved back, avoiding the touch. He was more matured than she remembered and was strikingly handsome. Was this really her son? He had always been the smartest of all her three children and had always done what he thought was right instead of what she told him, right from when he was a kid. Wayne and Helena had easily succumbed to her wishes and that was one of the reasons she decided to send him to boarding school so as not to influence his siblings. "Wow mum, wow. I'm impressed. Isn't it great? You know me too well mum, I don't get moved by anything you say, you can try something else, can't be fooled like Helena and Wayne. You can never change mum and I can't stop wondering if you were cursed to be doing evil." Frank said. "Won't you offer me a sit?" He added and sat down before she even offered. "Frank what exactly are you doing here and what do you want?" Georgina demanded. A part of her was scared of her son, he might ruin her plans, but another part of her refused to give in to her fear. She hadn't had her revenge on her sisters and their families yet, it was her life mission and she had lived all her life waiting for the right moment to ruin them all the same way they ruined her and took all of her wealth. That adopted bitch that called herself her sister who had taken the biggest share of her wealth and willed it to her foolish daughter Katie had paid for her own deeds by going to her early grave with her husband, it was all her hand work. But that wasn't enough, her twin sister, Sweet Venessa would still pay for taking the remaining little part of her wealth leaving her with nothing. Yes, she wasn't dead, how could she kill her only blood sister? But yes, she was going to run mad when Georgina was through with her, she would. And Georgina wasn't gonna let anyone come in her way, including Fred, Frank and Tony.
     "Nothing much, its been long I saw my mum, I was missing her so I decided to stop by, don't you miss me too mum?" Frank grinned softly. "Oh common please, just go straight to the point and tell me what you want." She was getting impatient now. "As you say." He stood up. "I just wanna inform you that I know all of your secrets mum, all of it. And what I said at the court was just to implicate Wayne, I decided to hide many things, because I still care about you mum." He laughed loudly. He was mocking her, he was testing her patience. "But forget that. I followed you mum. That night that you took your sister, the night you kidnapped her. Katie hadn't come to our house then. Remember you came to visit and were in a hurry to travel back to wherever you always went, leaving us with the 'nanny'. I was young and I didn't want you to leave me. Got at the back of your car and followed you. I took pictures with my phone when I found out what you were doing with those men to your sister. All what you said and did, I also took videos. I am smart remember? I was the only one who you couldn't brainwash. I just wanna tell you that I know where you are hiding Fredrick's mother, your own twin sister, and I have evidence that could ruin you." Frank said and sat down back with a smile on his face. Georgina was sweating now, she was shaking and shivering. He knew all this while and never said anything? Was that why he chose to go with Linda overseas? Oh gosh, she was in deep trouble. "Oh and yes, I also know what you did to Katie and her family, but never mind all that, they shouldn't bother you, besides, I heard the city Jail is pleasant nowadays." He concluded and stood up. "Wait." Georgina could hardly speak well. "What do you want?  Just tell me, in exchange for all of that." It was all she was left to do, to bargain with her son, if not, she would be ruined. "Now you are talking, all I want in exchange of everything is Jenny, Tony's sister."

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