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Thursday, 15 March 2018


Chapter 30

       "You think this would work? Did it even affect her at all? I know her, that woman is immune to threats." Katie's statement was followed by silence. Everyone was quiet though present there. Yeah, Katie was sure they all knew the kind of woman she was. Moments later, Frank stood up to touch her shoulders. "She was moved, I know it. She was sweating all through and I know she will release Jenny soon, you have nothing to worry about. I know her and she has been my mother for years, trust me, no one knows her better than me." Frank said. Linda stood up to meet Katie also. "You don't have to worry darling, we will get Jenny back." She said. Katie felt drawn to her just like a mother to a daughter, she was the closest thing she had as a mother after her biological mother died. "Trust me, Georgina isn't as strong as she seems, she has her own weakness. Something she doesn't joke with is her reputation which will in turn affect her business. Wayne's arrest will cause a spark and will greatly affect her business, she wouldn't wanna allow any other case that will expose her to get out, so trust me, we got her trapped." Frank smiled wickedly, obviously satisfied with their plan. Frank was like a Godsend to them, he didn't have any evidence against Georgina and he had made everything up, they just hoped she believed.
   "Frank do you perhaps have any idea where Georgina is keeping my mother?" That was the first time Fred talked, Katie noticed he looked worried since Frank said he followed Georgina to her hideout when he was young and saw Fred's mother being kept there. Katie had been ignoring him since and she always took her stand, never to be shaken whenever he was present. Luckily she didn't feel hurt anymore and the pain healed faster than she expected. She wasn't in love with him anymore but something about her changed, nothing was the same with her anymore since Fred told her it had all been a plan and Tony had been involved. Tony was sitted there with them and was looking lost. She was different and now she made sure nothing affected her anymore but she noticed something, she wasn't happy, that was the thing that was amiss, she was lonely and not being able to feel anything anymore affected her badly. But that was for a short while, soon everything would be perfect and her life would be back to normal, she would finish her house and get back to work, maybe it was the leave she took from work that made her vulnerable. Now it occurred to her that she still had a report to give concerning Georgina, she had been so caught up in all of this that she had almost forgotten, she would call her office and give them feedback for now, she would make sure she ruined Georgina, starting with her business which was the most important thing to her.
     "Right now Fredrick I dunno where she is being kept, but I really followed her that night and found out what she was hiding, it wasn't until recently I knew she was your mother in one of my researches, I was so young I didn't pay much attention to that. But wait a minute, you said you went to the hideout your father stated and saw some used plates with the prints of your mother, that could be a lead, I am an investigator, just leave that to me, when we get Jenny, it would be very easy to track your mother down, just make sure everything that happens is being recorded for proof, Tony is a lawyer, we got everything we need." Frank assured Fred. "I think we should all get some rest and wait till Georgina made up her mind. Lunch will be ready in a moment." Linda said. "I will show you things in the kitchen." Fred offered and went in with Linda. "Wanna go visit a friend and find out some things, will be back in a jiffy." Frank told Katie and patting her on her shoulders, said. "Everything will be okay." And left. She was tired of hearing that statement, nothing was gonna be okay, nothing. It was the same thing her mother said the night she had a dream just a day before they died about them leaving her and never coming back. Everything will be okay, but nothing was okay as they left her unexpectedly. Linda had also said the same thing when she was posing as her aunt the day she came to take her away, but her life turned worse after that. Even Fred had said the same thing when they embarked on this challenging journey with Georgina, but right now, things were far from being okay. Katie turned slowly to go to her room. "Katie...." Tony's voice stopped her abruptly. "Any problem?" She asked as she turned to look at him slowly, he hadn't spoken since. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I will be when we've got Jenny back." She replied flatly. "No, that's not the okay I meant." Katie knew what he meant but decided to pretend she didn't know. "Which okay did you mean then?" She asked, he sighed.
    "Is everything okay between us? What happened to you and why did you change towards me all of a sudden?" He poured out, he had clearly been thinking about it but Katie didn't give a damn, he had used her to play game with Fred and he deserved more than a cold treatment from her. Katie clapped her hand slowly and noiselessly. "Game over Tony, it's game over. Fred called it quits already and no one won the challenge between you two because your partner in the game just spilled the beans." She smiled painfully, talking about it now hurt her, she was better off pretending nothing happened. "What....what are you talking about, I...I just..." He was cut short by the sudden entrance of Frank into the house. "She sent a letter, call everyone Katie, Georgina already decided and sent a letter." Frank said. Maybe caught off guard too by the sudden noise, Fred and Linda came outside. "What was written in the letter?" Fred asked. "She said she has accepted the deal and we should meet at the woods behind Top hills." Frank answered. "Do you think that's where she is hiding my mother too?" Fred cut in. "I doubt it Fredrick, if it were to be their hideout, it wouldn't be their rendezvous. I have been in this for long, people like that don't meet with their dealers at the place of their operation, trust me, we will find her soon. We should come up with a plan immediately in case things don't go well with the main deal." Frank took charge of everything now because he was an expert at these things which made Fred look kind of left out, well, served him right, he always wanted to be the one in charge of things.
    They came up with a perfect plan and gathered everyone in different places, ready to get Jenny back and by his Grace expose Georgina with some recordings as evidence, they had the perfect plan, they hoped it worked. "Set?" Frank asked when it was time, late in the night. Katie nodded, she was sure others were in their respective locations, they set to move.

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