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Saturday, 17 March 2018


Chapter 31

     Fred waited patiently on a tree which covered his body and kept it from being seen by anybody. He was close to the place the deal was to be taking place and that was where he was assigned to be, to watch for them in case anything was amiss and to serve as a back up in case anything went wrong. The agreed time was 8pm and this was just fifteen minutes to. He hated being assigned a work and not to be the one assigning. He never took orders from anyone, not ever, but this situation required it and he had no option but to do as Frank said. While waiting for the right time and feeling the breeze performing wonders on him, he let his mind wander to his meeting with his father just about an hour ago. He had made Cameron a promise to bring his wife back and he intended on fulfilling it. He wanted to make his father happy at all cost and only his long lost wife could do that. Instead of enjoying old age, he was there, paralized and helpless, having no hope of ever getting back to normal. Fred couldn't help but wonder that if not for the love he had for his wife, he would have been up and standing. Which brought him to his hatred of love, and of course, Katie. He should have been over this, things had ended already between them and he had shattered all the connections and attractions they had between them, but it just felt like he had ended his own self, he wasn't complete and he slept and woke up everyday with a guilt conscience on his shoulders, he felt he had betrayed someone, but that was what he wanted, so why was it so hard to accept it? He changed position on the tree again and felt more comfortable this time. The main reason he always avoided women in the first place, they proved to be a great stress and trouble and he just wished he could just forget her. He would, oh sure he would, he would travel out with his father and mother after he got her back and they would spend a great deal of time together as one happy family, he couldn't help but dream about wonderful moments with the people he cared about, excluding Katie. 
    Just then he saw an illumination from within the woods, it was from a bright touch coming from a house he hadn't noticed before, far away. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 8pm already. His head jerked up and he watched closely as footsteps approached the exchanging spot. They were huge men in big boots and masks marching towards the centre of the woods. Fred saw a car parked at the far end of the woods and two people walked slowly from it to the centre where the other party were going to. He assumed they were Frank and Katie. The plan was that Frank and Katie would be at the front making the deal with Georgina and hopefully, they would bring Jenny along with them. Fred would be on the tree overseeing all that was going on as he was doing right now and directing them through a connecting earpiece which they all had. Tony and some hired men were the back up plan. When Georgina found out they had no evidence against her, she might wanna take Jenny back and there, Tony and the men would emerge from the back and take Jenny before they could make a move. The mistake they were making, Fred thought, was not bringing the police along. Fred had told Frank and insisted on calling them just in case nothing went along with any of their plans but Frank had said they could do it alone. Well, he called the shots so everyone agreed. He just prayed nothing went wrong. But something was amiss right now, something was wrong and he couldn't figure it out. Both parties approached slowly, or was it because of another car that stopped suddenly behing the party which was meant to be Georgina's. It couldn't be Tony and the men, they were meant to come when something went wrong and Fred called for back up, so who were they?
    Fred's attention shifted from the dealers to the car that came from behind, strangely, none of the parties noticed any car. Fred watched keenly as two men got out of the car and held a lady forcefully out of it, pushing her slowly towards the building where Georgina's party came out from. Could that be Jenny? Why were they taking her inside there? Wasn't she supposed to be with the dealers? His gaze went fast back to Georgina and co and now he saw clearly that it was only Georgina and two men that approached Frank and Katie, no other hostage was there. Maybe they just brought Jenny from their hideout, he remembered what Frank said about the difference between hideout and rendezvous. He would have been calm with the thought that it was Jenny and she had been brought for the deal, but suddenly, the Lady's scarf fell off her face and it wasn't a lady after all but a woman, a middle aged woman and not just any woman, his own mother!! He shifted forward on the tree to have a closer look, hell, it was his mother, looking so much like Georgina, he recognised her. His heart started beating fast, faster than ever. All thoughts of where they were and why they were there vanished from his head and the only thing on his mind was to get off the tree and save his mom. Finally he found her and he wasn't going to let her go. He was meant to stay on the tree till the operation was over to avoid being sighted but now, he went against the rule and went down as fast as he could noiselessly from the tree and hideously through the darkness of the woods towards the men that held his mother hostage. Trying to avoid gaining attention from the dealers made him really slow and his mother had been taken into the old and crumpy building. He traced his way slowly into the building. He started checking everywhere trying to find out where they went until he heard some noise from the upper part of the building and he ran there. He stopped short at the door of a room and was restless. He saw his mother, tied with rope and a cloth was used to cover her mouth. Tears ran down from his eyes, he found her, God, he finally found his mother. His dreams were going to come true, he was gonna take her home to his father and everything would finally be okay, tears of joy filled his eyes, how much his mother had aged since the past years. Though being Georgina's twin, she looked way older with thin lines all over her face, lines of distress, he wondered how she had survived all these years. Well, she was a strong woman, the very best.
   "Mom!" He whispered and entered inside to meet her. But she didn't look happy to see him, instead, her eyes were alarmed, and she was waving her tied up hands to tell him something was wrong. Her mouth was tied so she couldn't talk. Truly, Fred noticed what he had not noticed before while being caught up in his dreams again. The men that brought her there were no where to be found, where were they? They couldn't leave their hostage unguarded if everything was okay. He ran to his mom and untied her mouth to hear what she had to say. "Son...son...." She was gasping for breath. "Mom what's the problem?" Fred asked slowly, untying all the ropes. "Go... Go, go far away....from here son.. Go." She said. "I am not leaving here without you mom." He stopped after he was done and faced her, smiling widely. "You don't understand.. Its. Its a...trap." Fred's eyes shot up immediately she said that and just at the moment, someone came to join them in the room, Fred took out his gun and pointed it at the person, thankful for the first time that Frank insisted he held a gun. Fred was expecting it to be one of those men but no, it was a lady with a mask around her face looking lost and disturbed, could that be Jenny? Fred wondered thoroughly before marvelling at his luck. He hadn't seen her before, it should be her. "Jenny." He called. She looked at him, it must be her. He helped his mom up, wondering what she meant by 'trap', and was about holding Jenny's hand when she suddenly pulled back. "What the fuck are you doing? We have to get out now before anyone sees us." Fred told her but she seemed not to have heard. Was she deaf and dumb? Tony didn't say anything about his sister being disabled. Well, no time to ponder, he dragged her forcefully with one hand just as a light flashed at them twice. It took some seconds before he realized it was from a camera and pictures of them were being taken. "Who is there?" He called out. Moments later, he heard someone clap hands as he or she approached them. He waited anxiously for the person's face to show through the entrance door. It turned out to be a 'she', not just any 'she', it was Georgina.
     He stood still for a moment. What was she doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be with Frank and Katie? His mind had totally left what they were here for, all he knew right then was that they were in trouble. Well, maybe Georgina had come back to get Jenny. "Nice one hun, that was nice of you......Helena." Georgina's voice echoed. Helena? Where was Helena? He turned back to see Jenny, being the person Georgina was referring to and it turned out not to be Jenny after all but Helena. Her mask has fallen and her face showed clearly. He was doomed, it was really a trap.

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