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Thursday, 22 March 2018


Chapter 32
     Katie and Frank trolled behind the men slowly with their hands over their heads. She prayed slowly that nothing went wrong and no one got hurt. Her eyes went to Frank beside her, he was trying to get a hold on Fred who was meant to be on the tree, through their earpiece. It was surprising how he hadn't even called for back up since he was meant to have seen that they had been compromised. The back up plan was meant to be undertaken by now but it wasn't, all thanks to Fred. Where the hell was he? Katie asked herself for the hundreth time. Couldn't he at least do this thing properly? "Back up plan ready, back up plan ready, are you there Fred? It's time." Frank whispered quietly into the earpiece. "It's no use Frank, trust me when I say he is just a badass, we shouldn't have brought him along not to talk of depending on him for our back up plan." Katie whispered to him. They were approaching a building right now, the darkness of the night couldn't hide how old and crumpy it was, she hoped they weren't gonna keep them hostage there. "Georgina found out we had no evidence too soon, how come? I wonder who let our secret out." Frank said. "Probably Fred, considering he is no where to be found." Katie replied flatly. "It can't be him, his mother is on the line too remember?" Frank disagreed but she didn't care, she was indifferent about the innocence of Fred. She still couldn't help but wonder she was doubting him now because of what happened between them. They climbed the stairs of the building and walked towards a door. They got inside and what they saw shocked Katie. Georgina was the first person they saw, then a closer look into the room, they saw Fred, Helena and someone who looked like Georgina. Could it be Fred's mother?. "Son of a bitch!" Frank cursed at the sight of Fred. He was obviously angry. "Why the hell did he leave where he was meant to be?" He asked no one in particular.
    There was a laptop and a set of electronics by one side of the room. It was even a miracle that the house had electricity. "Welcome in, welcome in." Georgina smiled as the men ushered them in properly. "Leave us" Helena said to the men. What was she doing here? They hadn't seen her before, and what was Fred doing there? Katie was just too confused at the turn of events. "Watch." Georgina said as she went to the laptop and played something. Katie watched a video of Fred, forcefully dragging Helena while she was trying to get away from him. What was the video for? She watched as realization showed on Frank's face. He had obviously guessed what Georgina was up to. "Woow, isn't this video great? We can easily take it to court and tell the jury that Fredrick here kept Helena hostage for some days before the proceedings of Wayne's case and blackmailed Wayne that he shouldn't defend himself on the case, lest, his sister's life would be in danger. So Wayne willingly accepted to be sent to jail to save his sister. Wayne will be released, and he would be a hero which will boost my business so much as the mother of the man who was willing to go to jail for his sister. Perfect, isn't it just perfect?" Georgina said. Wayne will be released? Katie's heart started to beat faster. How did they get this evidence? What was Fred doing with Helena and why was he forcing her? Katie spat out in disgust. What kind of man was he?. "How about the idea that that Wayne's brother testified against him?." Frank asked scornfully. "Oh, we got that settled too already darling. Some minutes ago while making the deal, you said some things about exchanging someone for evidence, I recorded everything and I will just assume you were making the deal with Fredrick, getting your sister back in exchange for this present evidence we are going to present in court. Luckily, we got Helena back and Fredrick didn't lay his hands on the evidence. It will boost my business too, who wouldn't wanna be partners with the mother of two great sons? Fredrick might go to jail, so what? It would only make his partners come to me, his business will fall greatly, woooow, perfect." Georgina said, still smiling. "And what if I refuse to be a witness to all of that when called upon?" Fred asked. "Then you will be putting Jenny's life on the line, you wouldn't want that now, will you darling?" Georgina replied. "Bitch!!" Frank cursed. "Shhhhhh, don't disrespect your mom now. What were you saying the other time you came to the threaten me in my own house? Jenny in exchange for evidence." Georgina laughed loudly. "It was stupid of you to think I am a big fool. I was just pretending to believe you have any sort of evidence, I am smart enough to know you had no evidence. Well to be sure, I planted a bug in your pocket which was connected to my phone, I was listening to all your conversations. I planned this night just so I could gather evidence to free my son and get my business back. I am your mother child, I am the devil you can never catch, you are just a novice." She explained. Katie's heart was filled with hatred but she couldn't help but applaud the smartness of this woman.
     "And Fred and his mother? What about them? How did they get involved?" Frank asked. "Oh them. I heard all of your plans through the bug. I needed a little distraction for Fred, and to get the evidence, I brought his mother along, and made Helena pretend to be Jenny, poor boy thought he was forcing Jenny to come along with him, but no, it was Helena. It was all so funny." Georgina laughed out loud and Helena joined while walking towards Katie. She stopped when she got close to her. "Told you Katie, in this race, you can never win, so don't even try." She said and walked out. "So what will you do about us?" Frank asked. "Oh dear,what can I do? Nothing, I don't want more problems on my hand now, do I? You are all free to go." Georgina said with the smile never leaving her face. The men were back and started to usher them outside. "Georgina please, release my mother, oh please do." Fred pleaded, talking for the first time with his face strangely sullen. "Of course I will, but not presently sweetheart, I'm so sorry." Georgina replied mimicking a baby face, with that, the three of them were sent out.

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