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Friday, 9 March 2018


Ken's POV
As I got off the plane, I felt the sadness have been trying to get rid of well up inside me, I wasn't even forced to come to Beverly hills, but what I was going through is more than able to get me packing my bags, I couldn't sleep at home,it was like a living hell, sometimes I feel like life's totally cruel, giving some people the good part and some the bad part. When I was 12 my parents seperated due to reasons known to them, and that took my smile away, my zeal to live a normal life like every other person, but I persisted, I had a dream, I wanted to be an artist and I drew with my whole heart and that kept me going, few years later I don't know how it happened or why it happened but my once loving, caring and ever attentive mom became a drunk, came home late in the night with different men of different species, different nights, there was never a good time to talk to her because she was either drunk, busy with those men or out, even my once cherished house became an everyday party place, I couldn't even concentrate anymore, though I still love my mom but I feel like I needed to live a better life, I couldn't even find my dad again.
With all this uproar in my life , nothing seems interesting again so I decided to come stay with my cousin Cora, but I think I love the life in Canada and that reminds me.... Cora's so called 'best friend' what's that her name, she never let me be, I hope we don't meet and Cora never said anything about her so I guess am save, I just want to hear Cora's words and feel her support, I feel that she is the only person I can tell any thing whatsoever, though I didn't tell her I am going to be living in Beverly hills, shes sure goino be shocked.
I must have been in deep thought for a while since I didn't realize I have reached my destination.
"Thank you" the taxi driver told me as I handed him the money, I didn't bother answering there is no use being polite am not that kind of person.
Mabel's POV
This is the third time am calling cora, asking her if ken is already in Beverly hills, and all I get is not yet, no, but this time she said yes and my head is booting.
What should I do, what should I wear, I wouldn't show up today I guess tomorrow will be good so it will seem like a mere coincidence I even told cora not to say a word about me to him and even if he asks, that is if he does ask, she should not give him any important detail.
Cora's POV
Mabel has been calling me for the past few hours and all she ask about is ken ken ken, I could sense through the phone that she was very nervous, after all these years I can't believe she still likes him, I could never like someone for that long not if the person obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with me but I guess mabel is different.
"Hey Cora" ken called me from the balcony, I smiled that was ken's favorite place in the house and still is.
"Cora" he called me again snapping me out of my thought, I guess he wanted to talk and I do miss talking to him, though we talk on phone but it could never beat talking to him while looking at him, he's the only cousin and sibling I gat, both of us are the only child of our parent, so he is a big brother and that role suits him perfectly.
"Corey, you won't make me call you fifty more times before you answer me, will you?" Huh, I didn't realize it, I have been so deep in thought 'again' and did he just call me corey? Awww...been long I heard that.
"Ken, give me a sec I will join you and seriously stop shouting my name someone will think you were in a shouting contest" I said as I went to the balcony practically running
"You never stop cracking your lame jokes" he answered while I shoved him off smirking
"Easy corey, you wouldn't wanna turn your only cousin handicap, will you" he was lying on the floor now holding his side were i had hit him. I stretched my hand, he held onto it and got up.
"Corey you know when I was coming here I thought I was going to miss Canada like never before but seeing you made me feel like am home and in a better place..." He said and continued by telling me all that had happened back home, and I felt for him.
"Hey corey, what has been going on with you lately, any guy or 'guys" he smirked while saying the word guys and I smirked back
"Nothing eventful, just the norms, wake up, go to school, come home.
"Are you sure, no guy?" He asked winking
"Nope Na no, no ones asked me out, and as you know, I don't crush on guys for long so am happy and free" I said smiling like it was an achievement and he smiled too.
"Hmm...corey you know I'll be staying, like am not going back home, I want to live here" wow that was shocking, but I think I'll love it, I couldn't be any glad
"Dear cousin ken, I will hereby be happy, like so happy to inform you that you can stay as long as you want, provided you be a good boy while you are here" I said giggling, he just smiled and pulled me into a bear hug.

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