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Saturday, 10 March 2018


Mabel's POV
I couldn't sleep throughout the night, I know am kind of exaggerating the issue but I can't help it, I really can't but it feels like I am on a mission and it is to make ken love me or at least I should be someone of significance to him.
Cora's POV
I didn't even realize its morning already I had fallen asleep on the carpet with ken, we were watching the TV and had chat all through the night,and I remember enjoying my sweet sleep when something woke me up...oh Mabel...she had called me that morning that she was coming and I know she is coming to see ken, she's such a drama queen waking me up this early, I rubbed my eyes and tried getting some sleep as I laid down but all efforts to sleep was futile, so I just stood up leaving ken who was still lying down on the carpet, I used the blanket I saw beside me 'which I assume was used to cover my body by ken when I fell asleep' to cover his body, then I went downstairs knowing my parent should be up and greeted both of them, my dad said he wanted to go out for a minute and mom wanted to make breakfast so I went back upstairs seeing both of them still giving the cold shoulder I guess they are still not on good terms, I decided to do the necessary things there is no school since its saturday I decided to wait for Mabel to get here and I didn't even finish dressing up when I saw my room door open and Mabel came in, my jaw dropped." Seriously Mab, when was the last time you came to my house this early" I asked her making a serious face
"Whatever, are you not happy to see me" she said trying to pull me into a hug
I moved back and said "mab, do you like him that much?" She nods her head frantically and I shook my head "He practically doesn't know you exist.." I was about to talk some sense into her when someone came knocking on the door
"Corey, are you now talking to yourself, I guess you forgot to tell me that part when I was asking about you" he said and knocked again, this time he came in
"Oh look like you gat a visitor, good morning I hope am not intruding" he said smiling
"Umm ken meet my best friend Mabel, mabel meet my cousin ken" Mabel smiled and said hi, ken said hi too and went out telling me to come down for breakfast
"Coreyyyyyyyy" Mabel said after ken left, she drew the name in a funny way " I want him to give me a name too, maybe like mabey or mable or may or..." She called all the possible names she wanted, I shaked my head and reminded her to come eat breakfast with us, she stopped and followed me, walking so fast she almost pushed me down.
Mabels POV
When he smiled I wanted him to smile at me, I wanted to be the reason he smiled Cora told me all that was going on with him and I felt so bad for him, so I decided to act as mature as I could when I am with him so he won't run away from me and maybe I could get to know more about him.
Everyone ate breakfast silently, it was kind of boring for me cos' in my house we always eat breakfast in a noisy atmosphere, where my little sister Dora wants to pee while eating, or jack my little brother pours his food away breaking the plate, my mum shouting at me to clean the floor immediately my dad making calls to his so called
client s who never stop making him shout, it is a daily thing that I am used to so being in this very noiseless area is so weird. Cora started to cough loudly, I snapped out of my thought seeing Mrs Collins (Cora's mom) and ken rushing over to her, I hand them the jug of water and after some minutes she calmed down and everyone smiled.
I guess I got the noise I wanted 'winks'
Authors note:
Are you thinking what am thinking, hmmm, what
could it be? We don't know for sure if Mabel's 'so
called' mission is goino work but if you will
continue with me let's see how it will turn out,
when you have to choose between lots of choices
not even two....rollercoaster...bump..bump...bump
Don't stop

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