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Sunday, 11 March 2018


Mabel's POV
One of the reason I hate school, having to wake up early in the morning and all.
But today might turn out different since ken will be coming to my school and will be in my class, I couldn't be any excited.
***after class****
"Oh my gosh did you see that new guy in our class, he's totally cute I wish he would walk up to me and kiss me" I overhead a girl saying to her group of friends which consist of three
"Well, from what I heard he's not that kind of guy he is the prince of ice himself and he doesn't talk to anyone" the second girl that seem to have the longest hair in the group whispered
The third girl raised her hand as if she were in a class and the teacher asked a question telling them also in a whisper "he's Cora's cousin and that seem to be the only person he talks to-"
I am tired of hearing anymore of their stories, I have lots of homework to do today and I have to get home quick, its ken's birthday in 4 days and I volunteered to do the decorations, with all he's been passing through i wish he would be happy with all the preparations. I also have to get a gift for him, what will be most suitable for prince of
ice? Well I have to go check the gift shop first then go home, or not. Ken first 'winks'.
For the past few weeks he has been around, I've tried to get closer to him but he always seem irritated, he only replies me when I comment on his drawing with a can you leave me alone now
look. Maybe am still forcing myself on him?
Phone rings... ughhh...this guy doesn't know when to back off, I picked the call and said "hello" in a really sweet way
"Hey, its Brian again am sorry for calling out of the blue but I just wanted to hear your angelic voice" ughhh lame
"Thanks" I said sweetly again
"Humm I don't know if you would like to hang out sometime this week"
"Oh am so sorry, but my schedule is so tight this week that I don't think I will have time for even myself, maybe some other time"
"Ohhh...OK no qualms, talk to you later, bye"
Phone goes off
Whatever, like I care this guy doesn't know when to leave me alone. I met him a month ago at the supermarket while buying some stuffs for my mum, he said he's name is Brian blah blah blah, though I think he's cute he has dazzling pair of blue eyes and an oval well shaped face, a body that will fit into any clothe and long straight legs but I don't really care, I had to give him my number when he wouldn't stop following me and now he won't stop calling me, no guy is better than ken, ken is just perfect in everything or maybe not but I like him more... more? I like him only
Kens POV
I don't know what this girls keep staring at, none of them is my type no girl is, maybe that girl will still come my typ e but for now I want to focus on things that are real, been a while I celebrated my birthday and I am not even used to parties, back at home that is the only day my mum says good
morning, happy birthda y and good night to me, nothing more but Cora insist on throwing a party for me even though I bluntly disagreed, she later made me give in only on the condition that it should only be among close relations and friends, not the one that the whole school will be attending and she agreed.
And this girl that calls herself Mabel she keeps disturbing me, I really don't know why she will like someone like me, I thought she had change liking me for the past 3 years, liking someone onesidedly is just too dumb. Well I guess she will come to her senses one of this days, I really hate girls like her.
Cora's POV
I have so many things I want to do for kens birthday party, even if there won't be much people attending I still want to make it the best cos he really deserves it.
Mum is helping with food and drinks, Mabel with the decorations, dad with music and I will be the party organizer, I guess that all we need, and we won't be needing much chairs and tables since there won't be much people coming. This party will be fun!!!

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