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Monday, 12 March 2018


Coras pov
"Happy birthday ken" i screamed. Everyone in the room look so joyous and I feel like have done something really worth it for my cousin and brother. My mum and dad, Mabel's mum and siblings and Mabel came for the party, I knew mabel wouldn't miss this day for the whole world.
Everyone had a gift or two to give to him and we presented it and merried, by 2:00 in the afternoon everyone had left except for Mabel of course she wanted to help out in the kitchen when we heard voices from the living room, we decided to check it out.
"Hy, am Lilian just moved here with my mum from London and decided to get to know who my neighbors were" she said smiling at everyone in the room, my mum hugged her welcoming her and told her she was welcomed anytime in the house, she looks beautiful with her long smooth gold hair, set of white teeth that she wouldn't stop flashing every minute, she was of average height though but a little taller than me, she seems nice too.
"Hi am cora" I greeted with a smile.
"Hi am Mabel, but I don't live here just visited my friend for her cousin ken's birthday" Mabel said smiling
"Nice meeting you too, I really get bored at home, my only brother is in college but I guess I could come visiting, and ken" she said facing ken "happy birthday" ken smiled and extended his hand shaking her hands, they both smiled at each other. Mabel and I looked at each other almost the same time rather surprised then after some time when they seem to have started a conversation I decided to leave both of them alone dragging mabel to the kitchen with me when she wouldn't stop looking, in other for her not to embarrass herself.
"Well, that was shocking, I can't believe ken is talking to her" mabel whispered once we got into the kitchen
"True, but you don't expect him not to talk to anyone ever, do you?"
"I know its just unexpected" she said shrugging
Kens POV
I don't know what came over me, it felt as if I couldn't control my hands stretching towards hers, even when we started talking I felt so comfortable. She is an artist too, we are in her apartment now and she's showing me all her drawings, I couldn't feel any happier I could barely say a word she just gets me. Wait till I tell Cora all this, I thought as I walk into Cora's room, when I told Cora she seemed excited for me and said she's happy that am happy.
**†******few weeks later******†**
Mabel's POV
My parents and my siblings are going for a camp out organised by my siblings school and they will be gone for two weeks, not that it is compulsory for them to go but they want my siblings to have
lovely childhood memories, and since I can't be allowed to be home alone my parents decided that I will be staying at Cora's place am kinda excited but I think Cora is more excited than I do given her reaction when I told her.
That evening in Cora's house after dinner, I was sitting in the living room watching a late night program on love, then ken came to join me.
"I didn't know you watch late night programs" I said not expecting him to reply me
"I heard you've been going on dates this days" he said, I wasn't expecting that though
"Not quiet, just few outings with a friend we haven't gotten to asking out"
"I hope you get there maybe then I won't feel bad having to ignore you every time I see you" I felt embarrassed by his words
"And just who said I like you" uhhh wrong words
"And just who said anything about liking am only telling you to stop disturbing me" he said with a smirk on his face. Now he's being a jerk
"Isn't it a bit odd that you are talking to me today?
Kennn" I said elongating his name,and before he could say any other thing I stood up walking to my room I guess he wanted to say something but couldn't cause I heard his phone ring and judging by the way he speak I think its Lilian, ughhh.
Oh what a sunny morning today is, I muttered stretching I got up to wash my face and heard voices coming from the living room then I went to check it out,I saw 4 boys from my school and Cora told me they are ken's friends, at least he has friends.
"Good morning mabel, do you live here now" Ron, one of the boys asked mockingly
"She thinks she would get my attention by doing that" ken said while the others laugh, then Lilian came in flashing her usual smile i guess thats what drew ken to her,with the boys turning to look at her I decided to go upstairs to avoid more embarrassment I already have enough for this morning.
6 missed calls from Brian
So I called him back and he said he wants to see me, hmmm, he wants to see me, I gave him Cora's address and 3o minutes later I heard the door bell ring, I rushed downstairs saying "its for me" to no one in particular.
"Hey brian" I said locking hands with him as we walked through the living room, I think I hear some whisperings of is that her boyfriend which got me smiling.
We got to the balcony and I received a call from...
Cora's POV
I rushed from my room as brian told me mabel seem to have fainted or was having panic attack, I couldn't even make out what he was saying and right now I don't really care, I rushed to see my best friend, I attended to her for a minute and when she seem to get herself a little I asked her what happened and all I could make out is "she's dead" who is dead, I asked but she couldn't answer me so I had to leave her alone when she wouldn't stop crying, but who died, I hope this isn't as bad as I think.

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