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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Mabel's POV
i can't believe she's dead, I called her just last week and she seemed okay, I thought as my mum called me that my grandmother died, I feel so bad that I couldn't do anything for her as she has done for me.
Cora's POV
I feel hurt for Mabel, loosing her grandmother like that wasn't easy for her, I thought as I packed Mabel's stuffs into her bag, they have to start preparing for the funeral so she needs all the help she can get, mabels parent had to leave the campout am sure it will be a big blow on them, I heard someone come in and its brian
"Hey cora, I want to get going please take care of Mabel and tell her I will see her soon" he said as he made to leave
"I will, thanks brian" I said after him
If there was anyone that shouldn't be in a good mood right now its Mabel, loosing someone she had always felt attached to, to her she was more of a mother than a grandmother. She lived with her for 7 years, and she had always encouraged her, both of them always play around like they were the same age mate and she was a grandmother to me too whenever she come to visit Mabel she would buy lots of goodies for us, she was a wonderful woman.
****after the funeral****
Mabel's pov
I guess no matter how much we love them, we can't stop them from dieing. I still remember her words just like yesterday calling me in the sweetest voice ever
"Mabel dear, you can't always prevent your loved ones from dieing, you can only hope to live a good life after they are gone"
****few weeks later****
School was so boring today that I slept all through, I should go to Cora's place maybe we might have some girls fun.
"Hey cora" I said as she opened the door " what have you been up to" we went up to her room and had a little chat, I was feeling hungry so I left for the kitchen to get some snacks, I met ken in the kitchen but I ignored him there was nothing to say
"Hey mabel" did he just say hi, of course not, he did
"Hey" I called back
"How have you been, not seen you since your grandmas' am so sorry about her" OK that's weird i thought as I made to look at him, my hand hit the fridge's door and the jar of water fell I made to avoid it then I loosed balance myself, I knew I fell but someone caught me halfway, I opened my eyes and I saw ken right in front of me staring into my eyes, I tried to get out of his hold but his grip tightened and I felt his lips on mine, we were kissing I closed my eyes entering into my dream world then I realized I was actually kissing ken, I think he did too since he stopped kissing me and let go walking out, he came back and I thought he wanted to talk to me but he carried his snack from the table and left, my heart skipped I carried the whole jar of water and gulped it hurriedly I made for Cora's room, as I turned the door knob I felt a hand on mine, I looked up...ughh...not again...ken, he muttered something I couldn't make out and left, I opened the door and met cora doing something I dont know on her phone I cleared my throat and she looked up smiling.
"Mabel, lilians brother Fred is coming back today and he's coming to visit" she said still smiling
I gave her this what is my business look
"Cora do you know if ken takes alcohol?" I asked forming a serious face
She looked at me with a suspicious look "he practically hates it, so no"
"Does he smoke?"
She gave me a what the fuck look "never seen him"
"OK what of weed, does he smoke weed?, you know maybe once in a while"
She had the look that almost got me rolling on the floor "seriously Mab give it a rest, why are you asking me all these questions, are you in your I
love ken mood or are you about to start 21
questions you know about ken"
Kens pov
I don't think am in my right senses today, if not why will I kiss mabel I feel really weird. I had gone home for a week hoping to see my mum and maybe we will get to talk but for the whole week I was there she never showed up and I feel worse than ever been blaming myself for visiting her so I guess it was all that had happened that had me getting all emotional, or could there be some other reason for me acting up like that I guess i'll have to figure it out, I hope mabel doesn't take it too personal.
Lilian said she will be coming with her brother any minute from now so I have to get ready, today would be a really long day
Mabel's POV
Brian wouldn't stop calling me, I found out he had a girlfriend though I don't even feel that bad about it, I still feel like he could have let me know,I feel like I was being used and I don't want to speak to him for now but he won't stop calling me, I had to explain to cora but we heard noise coming from the living room so we decided to check, when we got to the living room my gaze met ken's but I couldn't hold the stare cause I noticed there were two other people in the room, Lilian and someone I guess should be her brother since cora had told me he will be coming. We sat down in the bid to welcome Fred, lilian received a call and had to leave, Fred seem interesting as he told us stories about his school, he also told us he attends an art school which got ken more interested as he concentrated more than usual and he asked series of questions that I didn't seem to understand myself.
"What an art family, I bet your parents will have so much of knowledge about art since you and your sister are artists, I guess you even do competitions me and ken do that at times, but he always win I suck at drawing" Cora said and we smiled.
"Lilian? I wish, am sure you can draw better than her she sucks at drawing than anyone I know" he said laughing but that wasn't funny at all, cora and I looked at each other surprised then at ken who looked more confused than any of us.

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