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Thursday, 15 March 2018


Cora's POV
I came downstairs to tell Mabel that her favorite TV drama was about to start but I saw her running outside, I wondered why she will be going out without telling me she was leaving so I called after her,following her and before I knew it she was lying on the ground, I ran up to her, the driver of the van that had hit her came out of his van frightened as we carried her to the hospital.
****one month later***
I got a call from Mabels parent that she had woken up, I took a bus to the hospital and I was so happy to see my friend alive again.
The next day she got discharged and after a week everything got normal as it used to be.
Mabels pov
I felt really weird when I got to know that I had been almost dead for a month, but somehow I felt it helped me get away from all that I had gone through emotionally and I also learnt that ken's mom kind of got back to her senses, she and her son had a mother and son bonding and ken went back home though it hurt to know that Lilian later became his girlfriend, so much happened while sleeping for a month but I decided to take it all away though it wasn't easy but I know I could do it, I wanted to start anew whilst away from every feeling I felt, I embraced what I already had in the hope of getting what I always wanted... I didn't know what to name it is I look forward to getting it maybe soon, I guess I still had something with my forever crush, I got a kiss right...

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