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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Kens POV
Am I hearing right, did Lilian really lie to me, but all I could think of was why she would have done that, so I just sat in there midst looking like nothing happened, like everything was fine while fred decided to leave after a while.
Few minutes later lilian came in, I pull-drag her out of the house, when we got outside I asked her why she had lied about being able to draw, she made a face like she was a bit surprised then she recovered
"Am sorry ken" she muttered
"Is that all you have to say" I asked noticing how angry my tone had gotten
"I just joked about it at first, but you seemed to be more interested in talking to me when I said so, then I decided to move on with the act, because I like you and I didn't want to loose you just because I couldn't draw or anything" she said
I felt so angered by her word "did you tell me you could draw before I started talking to you, what do you really take me for? A guy that is so crazy about drawing? that will go after any girl that claims she can draw? I thought you were different, you said you liked me? If u really did then you wouldn't have lied, I feel so stupid" I yelled at her in a way that I couldn't even have imagined I did, but I had to I didn't expect this coming from her, someone I took courage to talk to, I thought we just understood each other even though I've only seen her as a friend I really don't give a damn if she liked me. I stormed inside leaving her looking at me like I was some scary person, she couldn't even utter a more meaningful word. So much for a friend
Mabels POV
I overhead ken talking to Lilian, he seemed really angry and all I could think of was going over to him telling him its okay but at the back of my mind I felt kind of happy that they fought, ok I know that's bad of me but who wouldn't, that reminds me of kens kiss,I decided to go talk to him when he seemed to have recovered from his anger.
I got to the living room and sat in one of the couch, then I looked over at him and smiled, he looked at me and ignored me, but he didn't seem snobby so I decided to take a chance
"Ken..." And before I could finish
"If you want to talk about the kiss-ish something, you don't need to, it didnt mean anything to me and i hope you clear it off your mind like it never happened, i just had some things going on with me and I was caught in the moment, that's all. I don't want you bringing up any sort of weird talk about it, I hope an clear" he blabbed
I felt my heart crushed, and all the feelings the kissed had built and the hopes it had raised crushed, I felt tears well up my eyes, so I stood up muttering the word 'jerk' under my breath before running out of the room, I didn't see it coming all I just heard was the words he had said;
"If you want to talk about the kiss-ish didnt mean anything to me...."
Then I felt something really hard hit me, and its became very dim and I fell out of breath.

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