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Thursday, 8 March 2018


Mabel's pov
Am Mabel Forbes,16 years old, I live with my parent, younger brother and sister in the heart of Beverly hills' in st gofamint and I attend the prestigious st gofamint high school. My best friend's name is cora, we've been best of friends ever since kindergarten til now, though we don't get along well most of the time but we still remain best friends and one of those days when we don't get along well is today, we had a big quarrel just because of some guy,she was such a big mouth. Though am guessing why she did it, because she knows am not always serious with my crushing' which is true but I still felt embarrassed and very pissed.
"Mab' you not looking good today, did you get into a fight with cora 'again' or are you having boy problems", mum said with a smirk emphasizing on the 'again' word. Aarrgh how does she do it, she always know just what was wrong with me, well she's my mum like she always tell me, but I still ask her just to pull her legs.
"Mum, how do you know just what bother's me? I think you're a genius"
"Oh baby, it b'cause am your mother...."just what I thought, any other word she wants to say doesn't matter anyways, that is just what I wanted to know. I think I hear my stomach growl, I didn't even notice have not eaten for 12 hours hmmm since morning, is it 12 hours? maybe,whatever....
"Mum..." I need something to fill this stomach of mine.
Cora's POV
I think I'll have to apologize to Mabel, though I don't think I have to, I mean it wasn't anything new whenever she says she has a crush on someone, this morning after our first class she told me she had a crush on a guy in our class and I thought it was a joke, I told the class and we just laughed about it but she took it personal, I wasn't expecting it and i dont know why she always get mad at me for the slightest issue, in class the other children call us best enemies and sometimes I think its true.... ughh...anyways apart from Mabel am more confused right now, my parents are getting a divorce, well its really not a new thing cause' my mum is always ranting on and on about it for the past few years but I never knew it was going to happen, I think they already started the court proceeds and I really need someone to talk to right now, I think I need to meet Mabel, even if that means begging for hours or I should just call her, I picked up my phone and dialed her number, its rang for a while, no response... Omg, is she that angry with me and I have some good news for her, so I tried calling her again hoping she will pick, then she did..."hi m..ab" I stuttered
"Huh...guess who is calling, big mouth, I didn't know you still had my number" Mabel is fond of doing that whenever I apologised first, so rather than get angry I just go straight to the point
"Mab am so sorry, I know I was being a big mouth, but I didn't know you were going to get angry, I just wanted to make a joke out of it , I have something more important to tell you"
"Whatever, speak" she blurted
"Ken called me and...." I hardly finished my statement when she screamed
"OMFG, ken did what? You're kidding right, what did he say, I bet he asked of me, did he...."
And that was how the conversation started, she totally forgot that some minutes ago we weren't on good terms and we started talking.
Well, you might be curious as to who ken is that made her forget all of her anger, he is my ' freaging ' hot cousin that Mabel has had a crush on in like forever....
Mabel's POV
Phone answer
Phone rings again....
Well look who's calling, thinking of the devil
I had to be rude cause I know she called to apologize, funny enough I am not angry anymore but playing hard to get was fun.
"OMFG, ken did what? You're kidding right, what did he say, I bet he asked of me, did he? Did you tell him I've been thinking of him, does he know am still single". I didn't know where those words came from and I didn't care, have had a crush on ken almost all my life and when I hear the word ken, my heart fly miles away than I can never imagine, and cora is actually telling me ken is coming to Beverly hills and I can't help but scream, I know its weird but he's just like a celebrity to me and I don't exactly know why I like him but I practically drool all over him when I see him, fine he's cute, hot, but he is so obnoxious, the only person he's always nice to and seem to show his 'good' side to is Cora, and the only reason he talks to me is because am Cora's best friend, I bet he doesn't talk to any other girl.
I haven't seen him since I was 14, and now I had to act like I was a big girl, I should act like am over him, I had to do it maybe then it will work out.

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