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Thursday, 1 March 2018


Mitch: oh okay.
And guess what the strategy work my dick didnt disturb me again, at
least make e sleep small because since i enter Benin i havent even
stay one month and i don taste many local government starting with the
India woman.
Wait oh, Mitch said she was running after a plane going to India i
hope its not me i can take that am going to India but i cant take it
getting my sister pregnant, i cant take it at all and beside me and
the india woman have no business together again, it was just a one
nite fling, but she gave me her card and i dont even know where i kept
it, oh well it is better i forget about her and not just her but
everything that relate with her, i was lost in my thought but my eyes
started turning me, i guess i need to eat because i have used so much
of my strenght and i need to reshuffle my arsenal or else Since Ngo,
Temih and Mama Favor have killed me already then Mitch dont need to
Kill me again she will just bury me.
I cant bear the hunger that i got up and took carrot from what
Mitchele is cooking, i took two carrort and ate them before i they
look again i don enter dream world.
I wokeup and saw Fidelis starring at me, i quickly got up and look around.
Me: how did you get in?
Fid: your sister let me in.
Talking about my sister Mitchele walk in.
Mitch: how your sleep?
Me: fine.
Mitch: good your friend came to visit, am coming let me buy pure water
(she said and walk out i look at her eyes and saw she feel sad, maybe
shes in love with me truly but what of me am I in love with her? Oh no am just having fun.

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