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Thursday, 1 March 2018


Me: whatsup? (i said sitting up)
Fid: am fine, so you are not feeling fine and you didnt bother to tell me ehh?
Me: ha I was planning to visit you this evening sha.
Fid: lie.
Me: truth oh, i was planning to visit you before my sister arrive.
Fid: eh you can still come na even though your sister is around.
Me: maybe we will come together tomorrow.
Fid: you sure.
Me: yes na so far you cook correct jollof rice.
Fid: if you make me cook and you guys didnt come eh.
Me: like seriously we will come, just call me when you finish cooking.
Fid: hmmm okay oh no wahala, so tell me how is your lesson going?
Me: very well ma.
Fid: you know if you need anything you can always come to my side and take.
Me: i appreciate dear but you are a student na, am the one that
suppose feeding you self.
Fid: hahaha forget that one joor, am your senior and your sister is my
friend so if you lack anything just ask okay.
Me: alright ma.
Fid: okay i better be going now.
Me: why?
Fid: let me go and continue my assignment.
Me: stay and eat with us na.
Fid: no i ate rice at home already and as you can see my stomach is
already filled up.
Me: hmmmm okay oh, let me see you off.
Fid: alright.
i stood up and took my phone, i put on my sweater and as i was about
locking the door i saw my sister mitchele coming with bag of pure
Mitch: she they go now now?
Me: yes, make i see her of.
Mitch: alright, bye aunt Fidelis.
Fid: take care of my boy for me oh.
Mitch: of course i will.
i escort her to the front of our house and bade her goodbye after she
made me promise to visit her tomorrow.
As i turn back to return to my yard i saw constance coming, my fine neighbour.
Me: constance how far?
Const: am fine sir, you escort your friend?
Me: yes, where you from they come.
Const: from church.
Me: which church?
Const: Jehovah witnesses.
Me: waoh cool.
we gist together till we enter our yard, her room is at the right side
of mine and she live with Evelyn her fat roommate, Constance is dark,
average height, shy, a true christian and she always dress well, shes
shy but when you start conversation with her you will be begging her
to stop talking, she talks like kilode.
i enter room and saw Mitchele sitting on the ground with food in front of her.
Me: waoh.
Mitch: welcome back my love.
Me: see you, am your love and you told Fidelis am your brother.
Mitch: ah ah now, i dont want her to suspect anything.
Me: make she suspect na, i dont want to hide my love for you.
Mitch: hmmm do you realize shes still in contact with sister Joy.
Me: oh i get now.
Mitch: good, lets eat.
she pray on the food and then we started eating like husband and
wife, the food is quite delicious and melodious (if there is anything
like that).
Me: this your food sweet oh.
Mitch: thank you dear.
as we continue eating someone knock on our door.
Me: who is that?
"na me Aneeta".
I stood up and walk to the door, i open it.
Me: good evening ma.
Aneeta: open door joor, because you get visitor you nor want make i enter again?
she push me out of the way with her muscle and enter inside the room.
Aneeta: i talk am you they hide something, Mitchele na when you come?
Mitch: hahaha good evening aunt Aneeta, i come today.
Aneeta: you come and you nor even call me and this yeye boy they hide
you she took spoon from the basket and sat with us, she wore long shot
and singlet and thats how her big breasts were starring at me, shes the girl of my dream and I must fvck her oh, just imagine how it will be like to bury my head between those mountains, oh my god marely looking at it is making my dick hard, I was looking at the Boob's and didn't know when the rice I took fell from my spoon and burn my leg, I shouted "Jesus"

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