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Friday, 2 March 2018


Me: i know say you go join.
Aneeta: na im make you nor want open door for me abi, make i wose you slap now.
Mitch: abeg leave am oh, him no well oh thats why i came.
Aneeta: who nor well?
Me: me na.
Aneeta: you wey don go fvck up and down finish you come here they form
sickness (how the hell did she know that).
Me: hahaha me nor they do like that oh.
Aneeta: na you sabi abeg let me enjoy this food joor.
we talk and eat together like family, even the food finish but Aneeta
went to the pot to fench another, shes the big girl am eyeing here and
i will go heaven and earth to get under her pant.
we finish eating and then me and Mitchele escort Aneeta to her house,
we reach her yard and enter her room.
Mitch: aunt Aneeta you nor they change room.
Aneeta: money no they na.
Mitch: you don forget say na worker you be now abi?
Aneeta: no worry next time you come dumez na my flat i go carry you come.
we gist for some time before we later left her place before seven i
guess Cynthia havent close from work yet.
We enter room and then Mitchele took water outside to go and baf while
i took my phone and called Ngozi.
Ngo: baba how far?
Me: i they oh, how class today?
Ngo: nna eh very fine oh, why you nor come?
Me: i just sleep as i return from your place before i they wake up time don go.
Ngo: chai na wa oh and i be they expect to see you oh.
Me: why anyshow?
Ngo: no na, i be wan follow you go house at least make i know your house now.
Me: not bad, at least tomorrow still they.
Ngo: yes sha.
Me: so how Temih?
Ngo: she they fine, she they ask of you since.
Me: greet her for me you hear.
Ngo: alright.
I cut the call before Mitchele came in tying towel.
Mitch: go and baf oh.
Me: leave me abeg cold too they joor.
Mitch: come on i wont sleep with you on that bed if you dont get up
and go baf now oh.
Me: hahaha you will joor.
Mitch: you think am joking abi?
Me: okay put water for fire for me let me use hot water.
Mitch: you nor well, na only lazy men use hot water.
Me: ha you know say i nor well na.
she was rubbing cream while i stared at her lap as she raise her leg
up and put it on the chair to rub cream.
Me: you are beautiful.
Mitch: i know.
Me: how do you know.
Mitch: because people tell me.
Me: which people?
Mitch: my boyfriend and others na.
Me: eerm so you get boyfriend.
Mitch: of course i have, but i love you pass my boyfriend.
Me: what ever (i stood up and took water to go and baf).
Mitch: hmmm so my love is angry.
Me: leave me joor (i said and walk out )..
i finish my bath and return inside the room, as i turn back i saw
Mitchele with short open skirt and a singlet showing her nipples i
Me: blood of jesus christ..
Mitch: what is that?
Me: ermm sorry (still forming vex) nothing.
Mitch: good.
i drop the rubber and then i join her in bed, i didnt really sleep on
the bed i just relax on the carpet and rest my head on the bed.
Mitch: wont you join me?
Me: no.
Mitch: why?
Me: nothing.
Mitchele: hmm so you are still angry because i told you i have a guy right?
Me: what ever.
she came down from bed and join me on the carpet, she sleep and rest
her hand and leg on my body touching my hairy chest.
Mitch: you know if i dont love you i wont tell you i have a guy, i
love you thats why i told you the truth and beside its been long i
heard from him so you are my ife okan mi.
Me: what, you can speak yoruba?
Mitchele: a little, so smile for me na.
Me: hmmmm (forming).
Mitchele: mabinu ife okan mi.
Me: i really dont know what you are saying.
Mitchele: i said you are the love of my life.
Me: you mean it?
Mitch: of course, mo ni fe o.
Me: i love you too.
Mitch: oh so you hear that one.

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