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Friday, 2 March 2018


Me: yeah my friend temihsmart thought me.
Mitch: so out of all is only that one she can teach you.
Me: yes na, i need it more than others.
Mitch: okay oh.
we kept quiet for sometime before i started playing with her
long hair while she continue disturbing the many ants on my chest, she
put her mouth on my small breast and started sucking it slowly and
then she bite me.
Me: jesus, you bite me.
Mitch: sorry, i was looking for milk.
Me: jeez i be girl?
Mitch: hahaha some guys do have milk on their breast.
Me: thats a lie joor guys dont have milk maybe they are transgender.
Mitch: okay. (she continue sucking my breast).
Me: dont bite me again oh.
Mitch: i wont.
she was sucking me and then she move her right hand from my chest to
my belly, from my belle to my waist and from there she put hand inside
my boxer and started touching my dickson, she was rubbing it slowly
and also sucking my breast, she bend down a little and shift my boxer
down, she spit on my dick and started sucking it very well, she suck
for some time and then she stop and use her hand to jack it, i turn
her ass to my head and then spread her legs of course shes not wearing
any pant, i shift her skirt up and use my tongue to touch her red
pussi, i spit on the pussi and use my index finger to spread it all
over her pussii, i put my tongue inside and started eating her pussii
as if am eating meat, i use my hand to open the pussii wide and lick
the entrance, i then put my tongue inside and started sucking it as if
there is a gold inside, as i was sucking it and she was turning her
ass also, i didnt know when i release down there but she lick it up
and get my dickson to stand up again.
meanwhile i was battling with
her pussii ontop as milk has started coming out from her pussii thats
how i lick them all, i dip my hand inside and started fvcking her with
my finger, i will finger her and then lick my finger to make sure no
obstacle drop on the ground.
After some time i turn her over and push her to the bed, i make her
climb ontop me and then she put my dickson inside her wet pussii.
As my dickson enter inside her pussii she close her eyes and open her
mouth in pleasure facing up (maybe she was seeing angels).
She started moving up and down gently with her eyes still close and
her head facing up, her two hands on my chest as she started bleeping
me, after sometime she rest on my body and started kissing me still
fvcking me, she was kissing me very fast and then mistakenly bite my
mouth again, she saw that am bleeding profusely she put her mouth on
mine again and started sucking the blood while still fvcking me, she
suck the blood and put her tongue on my mouth and make me to also suck
my blood from her mouth, she fvck me for minutes till i release inside
her and we both slept off.
I wokeup by twelve midnight feeling hungry, I stood up and walk to the pot, I fetch some rice and started eating, while eating I look at Mitchele beautiful body and then my Dickson started rising.

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  1. Nice story,very explanatory and i love the fact that tge writer explained and expressed his work in a way that one would think he is watching a live movie.....pls i can't just wait for the rest to drop,thanks to the writer