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Saturday, 3 March 2018


After eating i drop the plates took pure water to drink, i sat on the
chair drinking the water while i bring out my dickson through my boxer
and started rubbing it, i was looking at mitchele as i jerk off exploring her
on my head like a fantasy, i close my eyes and drop the water and then
i concentrate on my fantasy relaxing on the chair and starring at the
ceiling i was so lost in it that i dont even know Mitchele has wokeup already and when i saw her i was shock and a little bit embarras.
Me: you are awake.
Mitch: you are not doing it right let me help you.
She crawl to me and kneel down in front of me, she open my leg wide
very well and started romancing me softly, she tongue my dick licking
the tip before spitting on it, then she swallow my dick and started
destroying it, she suck it so well that i started rubbing her head
with my hand and starring at the angels in heaven, after some minutes
suck she set her hand like a pussi and then started jerking me off, as
she was doing it she was using her other hand to rub her pussi
licking her tongue and looking at me mysteriously, she stop and then
climb ontop me putting her two hands ontop my shoulder while i guard
my dickson inside her wet puss, then i draw her closer and kiss her
wet mouth that looks like wetlip, then she started jumping up and down
like frog running from snake, oh yeah she is running but this time the
snake is my dick afterall it looks like a snake.
As she was jumping up and down with her big breast my lap started
paining me because of the chair so i raised her up while she hold me
tighter i push her to the wall with both of her legs still hanging on
the air, i started fvcking her there with power mehn e no easy to
carry girl up and fvck her oh because when you are through you muscle
go show you pepper and the kind sweat wey go worry you even aso rock
air condition no fit cure am.
We fvck for minutes before i released inside her and then we both
faint and sleep like dead people, the next morning we wakeup come see
as our bed they smell like people wey consume rotten egg come mess
I got up and took my bath getting ready to go to class.
Mitch: how we go do this bed?
Me: if everybody leave carry am come out and dry because i nor fit
sleep for this bed today.
Mitch: na you cause am na.
Me: abegi joor forget that thing.
i took my things and started going to were i study, on my way i branch
at Aneeta house but didnt meet anybody but i saw mama Favor in her
store arranging things and when i try to sneak out again as i sneak in
she shouted.
Mama: omohe lo hwa (big boy).
Me: mummy favor good morning.
Mama: you they go work.
Me: yes oh how family?
Mama: we they fine when you come make we see na.
Me: okay na no problem bye.
Mama: okay dear.
as she don talk am na say make we see to pass her frontage now go they
hard me and the worst thing be say e go affect my plans with Aneeta, i
want to date Aneeta because i love her out of all the girls na only
Aneeta they my mind or maybe na because i never gbog her like others,
oh well make we they see how the show go be first.
I reach class and enter my computer sharperly i saw Ngo smiling when i
walk in i wonder wetin they make her laugh oh, after some minutes one
of the girls working came to ask why i didnt come yersterday so i told
her i was ill and she started complaining why i didnt drop any message
that if i repeat it she will suspend me for three weeks so i apologise
and told her that it wont happen again.
The rest of the day went well untill closing hour, Ngo was first to
leave i wonder why she didnt say anything to me oh, one hour later i
took my things and sign off, i wait in front of the center for ten
minutes waiting for that angel to appear again but she didnt so i walk
out of the street, as i came out from the street and as i wanted to
turn to my right were my house is somebody called me from behind, i
turn and saw Ngo and Temih coming to me.
Ngo: hello love.
Me: how far where are you going with all these loads.
Temih: to spend the weekend with you (omo see gbege)

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