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Saturday, 3 March 2018


Me: really?
Ngo: yeah any problem?
Me: yes oh am going to my aunt house now in Upper you should have told
me in computer center just now na.
Ngo: just wanted to surprise you na afterall we plan that we
will visit you anytime.
Me: i didnt know na am sorry we have to postpone it to another time.
Temih: hmmm now that we want to enjoy your house abi?
Me: am really sorry.
Ngo: oh well no wahala we will visit another time.
Me: okay na make i escort una go house i go pass there go upper.
Ngo: no dont worry just enter bike from here we will find our way.
Me: alright dear, am really sorry.
Ngo: no problem.
i stop bike in their presence and enter, i wave them goodbye, heading to my street i told the bike to stop and then
i came down and pay the bike man, as the bike zoom off i saw Aneeta
with her big boobs coming with her white and white uniform (na that
uniform they make me like nurse because they always look sexy on it),
i decided to wait for her so that we walk together.
"good evening ma" i greet her as she came closer.
Aneeta: small boy were you go?
Me: coming from my training.
Aneeta: and you use bike?.
Me: no actually i pass there go my friend house.
Aneeta: oh so you don they get friends now abi wey you go dey enter
bike go their house.
Me: na just one na since una no they they house wetin you want make i do?
Aneeta: no worry on sunday i will take you out with my friends just get ready.
Me: really?
Aneeta: yeah to a birthday party.
Me: waoh i cant wait, thanks alot.
Aneeta: you welcome, your sister don go?
Me: no shes still around she will leave today and i will be lonely.
Aneeta: if you are lonely come to our house and stay na.
Me: even in the night?
Aneeta: you nor well, call your girlfriend make she keep you company
in the night.
Me: i nor get girlfriend joor.
Aneeta: see who they talk later joor.
Me: okay ma.
She enter her house while me continue going till i reach mine thank
God i didnt see mummy favor in front of her shop maybe she went to
bring her kids from school, i followed back and enter my yard only to
see my door well locked.
I took my phone out and call Mitchele.
Mitch: hello.
Me: how far were you they na?
Mitch: i went to buy medicine am having stomach pain, i will be back soon.
Me: and you didnt drop key?
Mitch: sorry just give me five minutes i will be right back.
i cut the call with anger and sat in front of my room pressing my
phone, i was down pressing my phone when i saw constance coming from
school (the jehovah witnesses girl).
Me: contance welcome.
Const: how far this one you sit for front of your room so hope all is well?
Me: yeah am waiting for my sister to bring key.
Const: wait you mean that girl is your sister?
Me: yes why are you surprise?

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