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Sunday, 4 March 2018


Const: nothing oh, am just surprise because the kind of noise that was
coming out from your room yesterday looks like battle ground.
Me: so you were awake?
Const: i was even here in front of my room reading when you guys
started disturbing.
Me: hmmmmm.
Const: so tell me story, is she your sister?
Me: no shes my friend.
Const: aha but i know her as your sister because i use to see her with Aunt Joy.
Me: so if you know shes my sister why are you asking again.
Const: am just curious to know whats going na, you dont need to squize
your face.
Me: what ever, shes my sister and nothing is going on, the noise you
heard in the night is not us but the film we were watching.
Const: really because i really know your voice.
Me: can you let it go why are you so curious?
Const: oh sorry i will let it go.
Me: better (she open her door and ran inside).
After two minutes Mitchele arrive and she opened the door, i enter
inside and saw everywhere sparkling clean and neat with blue carpet,
blue light with fine cuttains with good smell.
Me: waoh, how come?
Mitch: you like it?
Me: of course i love it, where did you get money to buy all this?
Mitch: oh well i just manage the one on my account.
Me: waoh thanks so much dear come here.
I draw her closer and sama her delicious kiss,
Me: thanks dear, i love you.
Mitch: love you too baby, you know i will do anything for you.
Me: i really appreciate.
Mitch: no problem, sit down let me give you food.
Me: okay i should take my bath first.
Mitch: no, in the night we will bath together.
Me: together? You want people to talk?
Mitch: oh come on am going tomorrow morning so the little i have i
want to enjoy it the way i like.
Me: okay i want that too so no problem, but after eating we will go
visit Fidelis.
Mitch: only you can go am not going anywhere again i told you i have
stomach pain.
Me: oh sorry, have you taken the drugs?
Mitch: yeah i have.
Me: whats the cause?
Mitch: i dont know oh.
Me: are you sure is not women thing?
Mitch: about that i suppose to see my period two days ago.
Me: so why have you not seen it?
Mitch: i really dont know

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