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Sunday, 4 March 2018


Mitch: no fear no be belle.
Me: how you take know say na wetin i they think?
Mitch: i don see your face na.
Me: ha i nor fear joor why i go fear?
Mitch: i nor know oh.
Me: hmmm.
She dropped the food for me on the ground and i started eating, i ask
her to join me but she refuse she said she ate already so i enjoyed my
meal by myself.
Mitch: so how was the lesson today?
Me: it was cool, did you miss me?
Mitch: of course i missed you, good to have you back darling.
Me: good to be back.
I concentrate on my food while still wondering why she hasnt seen her
period yet, am a little bit scared so i device a plan for her, i will
poison her drink with a hard drug to flush my sperm of her, i finish
eating and then join her on the bed, resting my head on her body.
Mitch: are you not going to see fidelis again?
Me: of course i will go, i will go by six.
Mitch: its after six now.
Me: waoh seriously?
Mitch: yep.
Me: then i better start going.
I kissed her before leaving, i just wonder why i will be sleeping with
my sister isnt it a blashphemy? Oh well this will be the last time she
will visit because am not going to entertain any of her visit again, i
have lots of girls now i can sex with so my ties with her must be
The only girl i want is the big breast Aneeta, shes a successful
woman, a working class and a beautiful woman, but she senior me with a
large gap and there is no hope, even though there is no hope that
doesnt mean i shouldnt try, but me telling her i have feelings for her
will warrant me a dirty slap so i really cant do that except magic
happen, i was thinking about Aneeta till i reach Fidelis house where
they dont allow boys to enter, i reach the gate and knock but nobody
answer, i knock again and this time the ajebo girl (landlady
daughter) came out..
Girl: what do you want?
Me: i want to see Fidelis.
Girl: sorry shes not around. (she said and wanted to lock the door back).
Me: wait please.
Girl: what (see her face like poo).
Me: can you open the gate let me sit here and wait for her.
Girl: sorry we dont allow guys inside our house.
Me: am not coming in just let me sit down outside here and wait for
her i really need to see her.

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