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Monday, 5 March 2018


Girl: are you aunt Joy brother?
Me: yes.
Girl: you should have said so now, come on in please (i didnt know she
can be this nice).
Me: thanks.
She open the front gate and i enter and sat on the frontage.
Girl: you dont want to come inside?
Me: no am okay here, let me even call her.
I brought out my phone and dial Fidelis number and she told me shes
still in school and she return in the next ten minutes, i cut the call
and decided to wait ten minutes, is not that far.
I remain there pressing my phone, the girl came outside again and saw me.
Girl: is she coming?
Me: yeah, she said she will be here soon.
Girl: okay, let me join you here.
Me: thanks (i shift for her as she sat with me).
Me: so whats your name?
Girl: am Gift and you?
Me: nice name, am ozila.
Gift: okay so what do you do?
Me: am learning computer for now at least till i gain admission.
Gift: okay am still a secondary school student.
Me: i know about that, what about your dad and mom?
Gift: my dad is not always around, he is a soldier (i almost get heart
attack) and my mum is a trader, she always come home late.
Me: thats cool, what about your other sister? (the fat one)
Gift: she followed some guy out and shes yet to return.
Me: okay so you just alone?
Gift: yeah, is that tecno m3?
Me: yes.
Gift: its a nice phone can i see?
Me: sure.
I gave her the phone and she started pressing i just pray she didnt
see the blue film i stored inside oh, we gist for five minutes till
Fidelis return, i followed Fidelis inside her room but my phone still
with Gift because she beg me to leave it with her.
Fid: how far this one you visit me so. (she said dropping her things on the table.
Me: i they miss you na. (i sit on the bed, facing
her reading desk)
Fid: oh really (she remove her shirt remaining handless top and then
she sat on her chair crossing her leg, I was seeing her thigh).
Me: yes na, how far wetin they pot?
Fid: now wey i nor cook anything na now you they come.
Me: so you mean nothing for me abi?
Fid: nothing oh, okay wait make i bring fanta for you.
Me: no worry i nor need fanta.
Fid: so wetin you come need?
Me: nothing actually, i just want to see your beautiful face.
Fid: hmmmm. (she crossed her leg and my dick triggered)
Me: wetin happen?
Fid: my ugly face you mean?
Me: oh come on you and i both know you are even more beautiful than a goddess.
Fid: oh stop abeg, hope you know i senior you by far.
Me: age na number joor, you are the only one i know here so i want us
to be closer.
Fid: closer like how?
Me: i mean like boyfriend and girlfriend.
Fid: hahahahahahahahaha.
She laughed so loud in that i was wondering if i said something wrong.
Fid: you are joking right?
I moved from my bed closer to were she sat, I put my right hand on her lap looking her straight in the eyes.
Me: I truly have feelings for you fidelis if you can open my heart you will see my heart beating for you.
Fid: did you drink?
Me: come on na am serious, I can prove it, I stood up and try to kiss her (biggest mistake but I was tempted), the next thing I heard was a double slap on my cheeks.

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