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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


i look down and saw
a balloon rolling on the ground, i took the ballon from the ground and
look the upstair beside me there i saw a little baby like 2 years, a
beautiful girl she looks like an angel, yellow with flashy hairs, i
look the compound and saw one hummer jeep and a camry 2.8 inside the
compound, the compound is fenced with barb wire with sexy lights ontop
the gate making the whole compound shinning like day, with a heavy
gate, i was looking at the baby when a beautiful lady came out from
the room ontop the upstair, she saw me with the balloon and then she
look the baby and saw the baby pointing at the balloon, the lady look
at me and then wave her hand for me to throw the ballon to her.
I look at the balloon oh boy this balloon fine oh, i for just carry am
go house go they use am play as Fidelia don break my heart so.
Still wondering whether to return the balloon or not then i heard
"hellloo please throw the balloon, thank you" oh mehn the voice bring
me back to life, i throw the ballon inside the compound and the
beautiful lady thank me.
I reach the front of my compound and saw sunday (landlady son) sitting
in front of their house playing prince of persia with his nokia phone,
i decided to join him and gist a little.
Me: guy how far.
Sunday: bros i they oh.
Me: how your babe na?
Sunday: ha i nor get babe oh i still they secondary school na.
Me: which class?
Sunday: ss3.
Me: so you they join them write exam this year.
Sunday: yes bros.
Me: no wahala na you still fit get babe na you don reach, you know who they stay that house? (i point to the house).
Sunday: yes, na the chairman for this area oh, na the man get this street.
Me: really?
Sunday: yes, the man na old soldier oh.
Me: na only him they stay the house?
Sunday: no, him and his new wife.
Me: so na two wife him get?
Sunday: no three, all of them and their children they abroad but na
only this last one they here with him.
Me: how old be the man.
Sunday: him go they go 60 or 70 now oh and the new wife na young woman
oh like 20 years.
Me: na why she go come marry person wey reach to be her father?
Sunday: na money na, the man get money die.
Me: hmmm okay later na make i go sleep.
Sunday: alright bros bye bye, nothing for me?
Me: take one drink tomorrow morning i go give you money. (him mother
they sell provision stuff)
Sunday: okay thank you bros.
Me: no shaking.
I left him there and started thinking about the old man and the
beautiful girl including her baby, the girl is so beautiful like
her daughter, the man might not be the father since Sunday said "new wife" money can make some girls do a lot of things just like
the governor of my state, importing girl from another country when we
have many beautiful girls here, the worst thing be say since that lady
come our governor no they do any better thing again for our state, oh
well i pray God bless their marriage.
I saw some strange sleepers in front of my door so i open door only to
meet Cynthia with mitchele laughing out loudly.

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