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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


I enter inside and saw them laughing out loudly.
Mitch: welcome Oz.
Cyn: Oz welcome.
Me: thanks miTchele, Cynthia how far na this one u visit me today so
hope all is well? (i was saying sitting on the chair because cynthia
sat on the bed with Mitchele)
Cyn: see you, you wey no they try abi?
Me: how na wetin i do?
Cyn: when last you don ask of me?
Me: you know say you nor they always they house, you they leave around
six and return around eight so how i want take see you?
Cyn: so you want tell me say you nor they comeout by nine?
Me: of course but not regular, okay i go they come see you by nine
every evening now.
Cyn: na you sabi, anyhow you want infact come escort me self make i they go.
Mitch: ha cynthia na oz come they drive you?
Cyn: no na, you know say e don tey wey i come.
Me: which time you come?
Mitch: immediately you left.
Me: ha you don tey then you don try, what of aunt Aneeta?
Cyn: she they house they sleep already.
Me: okay oh.
She stood up getting ready to leave, while Mitchele walk her to the
door me i was already out waiting for her outside.
After she bade Mitchele goodbye she walk up to me and we left the yard together.
Outside our house.
Me: how far na?
Cyn: na wa for you oh, you nor even fit call me self na so you be?
Me: i nor get chance na them seize my phone for were i they learn
computer since two days.
Cyn: ha wetin happen?
Me: no worry about that one i go collect am tomorrow, how Efe and Adesuwa na?
Cyn: them they fine oh them they ask of you self.
Me: greet them for me oh.
Cyn: you nor get their number abi?
Me: i told you they seized my phone.
Cyn: okay oh, we they go outing on sunday Efe and Ade go come too,
hope you go follow?
Me: i never know oh, make i they look first sha if i get chance i go come. (same date with Aneeta outing)
Cyn: no wahala.
Almost getting to her house, she stop telling me to go now.
Me: just like that, no kiss or hug?
Cyn: they go abeg, i nor want make eyes see us oh.
Me: come on just a kiss.
Cyn: you nor well, ehen about last time.
Me: what about last time?
Cyn: never mind.
Me: say it.
Cyn: hmmm do you mean those words you said?
Me: of course i do, what you think am joking?
Cyn: no not really, just want to confirm.
Me: so we are officially dating now right?
Cyn: why?
Me: because i love you.
Cyn: no, i dont want.
Me: why, what about the things we shared?
Cyn: see i've got many heart break, i dont want to enter into anything
serious now please.
Me: hmmm so what do you take me for then.
Cyn: lets just start with friends please.
Me: okay anyhow you want to play it so far you take good care of my heart.
Cyn: no oh keep your heart for now, lets just be friends will think
about what you said and i will answer you tomorrow.
Me: thats what you said last time oh.
Cyn: i promise tomorrow.
Me: okay oh, so i can get my kiss now?
Cyn: come on, bye joor.
Me: i wont leave here till you kiss me oh.
Cyn: stay there na.
I stood like iroko tree as she left me dead, as she want to cross to
her house she look back and saw me still standing crossing my hand
then she came back.
Cyn: you self.
She unfold my hand and i use them to hold her closer as she gave me a
resounding kiss, oh men the kiss make my dick hard i tell you.
Cyn: now you leave okay?
Me: okay dear, you go first.
I watch as she leave and enter her house, i turn back as started
thinking about her, i think shes falling for me she want to be just
friend but she has already started romancing my lips (i told you guys
nobody can resist my lips, dont mind that village girl called
fidelis), i know she just say friends, but to me i take it as friends with
benefit, when she come fall in love and i later leave her she wont
have any case because from the beginning she said "just friends" so
she wont have any case at all.
As i turn to my house there on the wall i saw Mitchele waiting for me
there, i was so shock.
Me: mitchele?
Mitch: hmmmmmm.
chai see yawa don gas oh no pussay for me today again be that wey
e be say i be they plan to destroy her pussay, chai na wa o who i go
come gbog na

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