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Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Me: mitchele.
Mitch: dont even start please i dont want to hear any explanation.
She was damn serious as she walk back to the room, with me following
her from behind and calling her name every seconds.
"Mitchele am sorry, please let me explain, is not what you think.".
She didnt even listen she just burst inside house and went straight to
bed, i enter and close the door, i went to her and started begging,
she didnt want to listen so she bury her head inside her pillow, i
kneel down on the ground trying to beg her but all my plead fell into
deaf ear.
I know she was hurt alot and i have to make it right before tomorrow
morning when she will leave, i try to play gentle and use my hand to
touch her on her shoulder, immediately she feel my hand she shouted
"take your hands off me, and if you dare put your hands on my body
again i will leave the room for you".
She was really angry and i dont blame her at all, i was the fool so
all blame should be on me, anyway she was a short time girlfriend
before maybe its time we part ways, but she wasnt just my girl she is
sister too, oh well she is my sister meaning we shouldnt be dating in
the first place, all blame should be on her because she throw herself
on me then when i went to her house for visit, i wonder how we even
manage to come this long, oh well now that everything is over the
guilt i feel inside me for dating my sister will go.
She made it clear she dont want me to disturb her again so i took
another pillow from the bed and relax on the floor, the floor is very
cool but i dont care anyway its better than sleeping with her on same
The crime didnt stop me from sleeping infact i slept better without
any disturbance, the next morning when i open my eye i saw her
dressing already and she has already took her bath, she wore short
flip up skirt and nice handless shirt.
Me: mitchele.
Mitch: i told you dont bother to explain.
Me: okay at least let me say am sorry.
Mitch: no need i should be the one apologising.
Me: how and why?
Mitch: for coming into your life, it was a mistake and am sorry.
Me: come on mitchele dont be like this.
Mitch: from now lets move on as relatives and what happen between us
should not be mentioned to anybody.
Me: just like that, i thought we had something.
Mitch: nothing please, so goodbye ozila see you another time.
She took her bag and face the door, i stood up and block the door, i
really dont know why i block the door because am happy she is leaving
maybe its just to show her that i will miss her and i truly love her.
Mitch: what are you doing?

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