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Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Me: am really sorry, you came and gave me everything and trust me i
really appreciate but with you leaving like this is something i will
never forgive myself for.
Mitch: ozila i forgive you and i understand am not angry with you, if
you call me i will pick but there should be a boundary now between us.
Me: you see that is something i cant take because am really into you already.
Mitch: you are not, and even if you are then you have to stop because its over.
Me: come on dont be like this, what about what we had together? the
love we shared?
Mitch: all in the past now and dont ever bring it up, now please let me pass.
Me: mitchele.
Mitch: i beg you if you respect me as your senior let me pass.
Me: i cant.
Mitch: why?
Me: because i will miss you and i cant leave without you.
Mitch: oh god.
Me: okay if you really have forgive me give me a kiss then i will let you pass.
Mitch: you must be mad.
She drop her bag and try to push me away from the door but i hold her
close and try to kiss her, she free herself from my grip and gave me a
dirty slap, i felt the pain over to my brain and then she started
breathing faster and faster then pounce on me with kiss, kissing very
fast as if very soon the world will end, i quickly pull off her shirt
and raise her up to the bed, i sleep ontop her and shift my boxer
down, we were still kissing when i locate her pussy and shift her pant
sideway, then i insert my dickson inside her and she scream, i started
fvcking her with anger and she was enjoying it, she turn me over and
started moving up and down making me feel like am in heaven, she was
fvcking me very well and she was screaming rubbing her boobs, within
minutes i turn her over again and raise one of her leg up, i remove
the pant completely and put my dickson inside again, i was hitting her
very fast like a car with no break, we continue like that before i
came inside her and rest on her body, i remain there till i slept off
and when i wokeup again she was nowhere to be found, i came out from
my compound with ordinary boxer but didnt see her, i return to my room
and quickly search for her number but i didnt see it, she delete her
number from my phone.
When i go through my contacts for fifth time and i didnt see her name
nor number i gave up and faint ontop my bed.

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