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Thursday, 8 March 2018


I play game on my phone till twelve when i ate and sleep till four,
then i wokeup and took my bath again waiting for aunt Aneeta to call
me, i cant wait again so i took my phone and lock door to go meet her
in her house, when i get there i saw mummy favor.
Me: good evening mama favor.
Mama: omohe lokwa, ogbe e.
Me: fine ma.
Mama: i nor they see you again.
Me: na study ma.
Mama: okay oh abeg come tomorrow one of my fan spoil (as usual).
Me: okay i will try.
Mama: no be try oh you better come if you nor want the cat out of the
bag (is she threatening me).
Me: hahahaha i will.
i left her and walk to Aneeta's door to knock, i heard "come in" from inside.
Me: good evening ma.
Aneeta: yeyeboy you don ready finish.
Me: yes oh i nor get any thing to do for house.
Aneeta: i just finish taking my bath now.
Me: okay what of Cynthia?
Aneeta: she don go out.
Me: okay.
Aneeta: she said she invited you, why didnt you follow her?
Me: no oh, i prefer to follow you because i dont want to spend any money.
Aneeta: hahaha and who told you you wont spend when you follow me.
Me: na your oga go spend na.
Aneeta: see you, go outdoor joor let me dress up. (like seriously).
Me: okay.
I walk out from the room and wait for her outside, i didnt see mummy
favor again only her daughter.
After thirty minutes aunt Aneeta came out looking so georgeous.
Me: waoh (i open mouth immediately she came out).
Aneeta: person die?
Me: haha, no oh.
Aneeta: why you come open mouth like that?
Me: na your dressing, e dey bam.
Aneeta: na you sabi.
she took her phone out and called somebody.
"am through and am outside my house now" i heard her saying on the
phone and then mummy favor came out.
Mama: ha na two of una they go out, una fit each other oh.
Aneeta: hahaha no reason am like that oh, him too they stay inside
house so i want show am Benin small.
A car pull over in front of us and a guy came out to open the door for
her after hugging her, she told me to enter the back sit and i did, i
look from the window and saw mama favor wink me.
The guy is handsome and i believe this honda civic belongs to him,
without doubt he must be her fiance meaning i stand no chance at all,
the guy start the car and took off, they both occupy the front sit
gisting while i balance on the back like the boss i am, with the way
they are talking it will be really impossible for anything to come
between them but nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and
war, the rules of hard play are acceptable in war, in other words, in
a war between love and hate, anything is acceptable or fair

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