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Friday, 9 March 2018


We left her shop and enter main road, the car is cool it looks
like a new ride, they were discussing some things which i cant hear
because of the music coming from the player, they look nice and sweet
and it will be bad for them not to get married because they look like
a couple already, i just focus on my phone not minding what they are
saying even though am jealous, i dont know where we are going self i
dont want to know so far i enjoy myself, the guy drove for like ten
minutes or more before he turn at one junction, i thought he wanted to
enter into GRA but instead he enter one big building, i dont really
remember the name but the buiding is tall with nice paint, we came
down and we walk inside the restaurant, everywhere is filled up
already with people going up and down, they have upstairs incase you
want to stay up or down, i followed Aneeta and her friend anywhere i
dont want to stay alone i need to keep an eye on Aneeta afterall shes
my love, they walk to one corner and then the guy arrange the sit for
her to sit down, after she sat already the guy sit close to her while
i move two steps forward and sit on one table having four chairs,
there is still space for me to sit with them but it wont be nice now,
they wont be comfortable speaking freely even though they cant voice
out, i sat alone like the alone man i am, i called the attendant and
ask her what she have, the attendant wore tight jeans with a red shirt
i think they wrote Kada kitchen on her shirt.
I asked if she have correct river fish and she said yes, i told her to
bring cooked river fish for me, as she was going i told her to bring
smirnof for me to use and cool myself while i wait for my river fish
to arrive, she went to the shila and brought the drink, i spy on
Aneeta and saw her laughing with her guy and then my jealousy increase
from 50 percent to 60 percent.
I took my phone and called Cynthia, i didnt hear her well because her
place was very noisy i think they are in a party, i wish i knew i
would have agreed to follow her because there will be much fun there,
here is just boring mehn i feel like leaving oh.
I drink my smirnoff gently patiently waiting for my river fish and
then my bladder started disturbing me, i think i need to pee now, i
stood up and meet another attendant and ask her where i will ease
myself, she told me to go front and follow my right, i thank her and
walk out of the restaurant, as i wanted to turn to my right a nice
infinix jeep stop in front of the restaurant

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