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Friday, 9 March 2018


i was walking looking
back to know who is inside the jeep, as i was looking a beautiful girl
came down from the jeep "oh mehn" i they use slow motion waka also
they look her", na so her gown they fly follow her like magic, e be
like i don see my future wife oh because when she came down breeze
blow and according to one believe once you see your future wife breeze
go blow and birds go fly,.
I turn around and continue watching her as she walk pass everybody
starring and walk inside the restaurant, oboy piss no worry me again
oh, i quickly followed her inside the restuarant and started spying on
her, she walk to the stand and order for some things, i was standing
beside one chair watching her, they gave her a takeway nylon and then
she started walking back to her car, oboy na wetin i go do because
once she leave here shes not coming back oh, i quickly walk out of the
restaurant and turn back walking inside again with haste as if
something is chasing me, she was coming out and wanted to open the
door and walkout while i was going in with phone on my ear making
call, so i turn as if i want to greet person that was when she open
the door and we jam like two hummer jeep, the fish pepper soup she
bought open and pour inside my body, i shouted when i feel the hotness
of the soup it was like hot furnace,.
The girl was like "oh my god, am really sorry, oh poo, please somebody help".
I was on the ground pretending like a baby, while the girl was panting
up and down, she called the attendant and they quickly came and
ushered me inside, the girl was just saying "am sorry, am really
sorry" she was saying following me from behind, when we get to were
Aneeta is i quickly bend my head and so that she wont see me, i think
she didnt see me because if she did that girl don enter am, they took
me to men's room and gave me everything i need for me to freshen up,
they wait outside while i took my time to clean myself up, now let me
see how this girl wont ask for my number after hurting me so badly,.
The attendant knock on the door and gave me a t-shirt to wear, i put
my shirt inside the nylon and wear the t-shirt, after i finish
dressing i came out and then the girl start.
Girl: am really sorry, please lets go to the hospital for checkup.
Me: no need am okay now.
Girl: please i insist, you cant be okay please lets just go i beg you,.
Me: okay if you insist though am okay.
I followed her from behind as i focus on her heavy ass, we came out
and enter her car

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