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Saturday, 10 March 2018


I followed her inside her jeep and sat close to her in the driver sit,
she never stop apologising also, i wonder how Aneeta didnt even know
what happened earlier she was suppose to be taking care of me but she
just shun me totally focusing on her boyfriend alone.
Girl: so whats your name sir
Me: am Ozila.
Girl: okay Ozila am Sharon and am really sorry for what happened, i
swear i didnt see you coming.
Me: dont worry, its okay.
Sharon: thank you, i will take m you to a hospital and see that you
are perfectly fine before i leave you.
Me: thanks i appreciate.
from her accent i guess shes new around here, she stop in front of a
hospital and then we came down and walk inside the big hospital, we
met a nurse on deck and then we explained why we are here, she direct
us to another door and when we enter we saw one man on suit sitting
comfortable on his desk, i guess he must be a doctor,.
We greeted him and he offer us chair to sit, i explain to him what
happened and then he told her that she did the right thing by bringing
me here because the hot pepper will have effect on me later even
though am not feeling it now, he describe some drugs for us and he
even wrote them on a piece of papper, he gave it to us and then he
direct us to another room where they will give us the drugs, we thank
him and left after Sharon drop something for him, we went inside the
other room i think it a chemist store, we gave the nurse there the
paper and then she went inside to bring the drugs, she gave us a
receipt which Sharon took care of before giving us the drugs, we left
the hospital and then turn to the road leading to the same restuarant.
Me: thanks for the drugs.
Sharon: no oh, it is my duty please i wish i can do more self.
Me: you have done enough ma, where do you base?
Sharon: i came from abuja yesterday to visit my graduating sister in uniben.
Me: oh cool, what do you do in abuja?
Sharon: am a teacher, i teach in a government secondary school.
Me: waoh, thats nice so when are you going back?
Sharon: probably tomorrow.
Me: oh so you want to run away so that i wont arrest you abi you dont
want to take care of me?
Sharon: ha not like that Sir.
Me: no i was only joking,
Sharon: oh but you are right though i should make sure you are okay
before leaving town, here put your number (she gave me her Iphone).
Me: okay.

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