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Saturday, 10 March 2018


I put my number on her phone and use it to call mine, i gave it to her
and then she drop me in front of the restuarant after she promise to
call later, she gave me some money which i reject, it was dark already
and i must say my plan worked exactly as i want, i went inside the
restaurant and there i saw her, Aneeta sitting alone on her chair with
hands on her jaw as if something happened, i walk to her and sat.
Aneeta: Oz where you go since?(with sad face).
Me: i went out oh since you and your guy no even look my face.
Aneeta: i was waiting for you.
Me: really where is he self?
Aneeta: he left na.
Me: and you didnt follow him?
Aneeta: and leave you alone, i tried your line it wasnt going so i
decide to wait.
Me: and why will he just leave like that na?.
Aneeta: there was an emergency where he work so he had to go.
Me: hmmm okay oh, so how far make we stay flez small na.
Aneeta: you nor well abeg make we they go.
Me: come on na, na just me and you they afterall you promise me i will
catch fun oh.
Aneeta: so what do you want us to do?
Me: stay and party for like one hour.
Aneeta: okay be dancing let me be watching you na.
Me: hahaha, bar man bring one bottle of farouz for me.
I sat with her watching a guy and girl dancing nicely, the bar man
brought the drink and in turn Aneeta told the man to bring heineken
for her, i was surprise.
Me: i thought you dont drink.
Aneeta: you thought wrongly.
The attendant brought the drink and come and see how Aneeta was
gulping it, i was like "did something happened when i was away?" i was
confused because she was behaving somehow, she finish the drink and
ordered for another one, i was troubled because i dont want to carry
her on my back home, i look at the time it past nine already, after
she finish the second bottle i told her we should start going but she
refuse "lets have fun, give me more drink" i think thats the heineken
speaking, i told the bar man not to give her again that the one she
took is okay already, i stood up and went to her trying to raise her
up so that we will start going but she still refuse.
Aneeta: you think am drunk right, am not you here.
Me: if you are not you should have known that there will be scarcity
of bike if we dont get going now.
Aneeta: oh i forgot.
She stood up at last and we took our takehome stuff and left the
building, it took ten minutes for us to see a bike, he charged us
heavily even though am not okay with it i agree anyway because i dont
have another choice, am still thinking what happened to aneeta when we
enter the bike home, before we get home she has started sleeping
already, the bike drop us in front of her house, i paid the bike.

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