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Sunday, 11 March 2018


I paid the bike man and saw Aneeta walk to the door, she open the main
door i followed her from behind directing her with my touch light
phone, i dont know what happened but something must have gone wrong
with her guy when i was away, what ever happened must have been bad
for her to start drinking, i pray it what i expect oh,.
She reach her doormouth and open it, i followed her in and i was even
surprise that Cynthia is not yet back, Aneeta didnt bother to remove
her clothes she just fell on the bed and started sleeping at once, i sat
on the chair there watching her like baby, i was enjoying her sleep
especially the way she breath through her breast, i wish i can just
remove her wear and start sucking the succulent breast, i check the
time, almost ten.
There is too much cold so i took her bed spread and use it to cover her
body very well, i close the window because the breeze emerging from it
is too much, when everything was okay i walk to the door and off the
light, as i open the door gently i heard from my back "dont go please,
watch me till i sleep".
Me: i thought you are sleeping already (i turn back and on the light).
Aneeta: i cant sleep.
Me: waoh, okay.
I walk back to the chair looking at her as she slept like dead person.
Me: so tell me what really happen?
Aneeta: i really dont want to talk about it, just watch me sleep.
Me: okay.
I didnt say anything i just relaxed on the chair pressing my phone
praying for her not to sleep on time so that i will keep on watching
her, we remain like that till her sister came in, she was
surprise to see me inside their room, i told her what happened and she
thank me telling me to go and sleep, i left them alone walking straight
to my house, as i was about coming out from the house somebody called me
from behind,
"omohe lohwa".
I look back and saw mama Favor coming from her room to meet me outside
with her rapper and her dagling boobs.
Me: mama favor wetin bring you out by this time?
Mama Favor: sshhhhh no make noise make we go your house straight.
Me: ah ah now your husband they inside.
Mama Favor: stay there if you nor want come i they your house they wait.

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