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Sunday, 11 March 2018


She left me there going to my house, i dont know what else to do than
to follow her, i saw her standing in front of my room, i came and open
the door she didnt even let me lock it back before she pounce on me
and started kissing me robbing her hands on my dick to make it
stronger, she bend over and unzip my trouser sharperly before she
started sucking me, she didnt do it longer of course she knows shes
taking risk, she bend over my table and pull her pant down, i went
over and rub my dick on her ass, then i raise her right leg over the
table and then i put spit on my hand and use it to rub her hot pussy,
after greasing her pussi i insert my dickson and started ramming her
from behind, i was ramming her and my table was ramming the wall, i
continue to dig her as we moan in pleasure, after some time she push
me to bed and lay down facing up, she came over like wounded elephant
and climb ontop my dickson, she started going up and down not
forgeting her big boobs following her like obedient dogs, she fvck me
for five minutes and the pleasure was too much in that i release
immediately, as i wanted to release she came down and open her mouth
wide, i kneel and release inside her mouth, she suck my dick cleaning
every obstacle as she was sucking we heard
"knock knock Knock"
Mama Favor: oh god

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