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Monday, 12 March 2018


We were both shocked and even mama favor started shivering immediately,
"Knock knock" the voice echoed from outside again.
"Who is that?" I asked with a shaky voice.
"It's me landlord" the voice said from outside and then when we heard the word "landlord" our mind calm down a little, so I tied towel round my waist and went to the door. I open it halfway so that he won't see what's inside my room.
"Good evening landlord, I hope am safe?"
Landlord: of course you are safe am sorry for disturbing by this time but am not always around neither you too.
Me: yeah I know, so what's sup?
Landlord: we want to renovate this building so you need to pack out for like two weeks.
Me: waoh, only my building?
Landlord: no, this three building, everybody will pack out too so start packing tomorrow. I won't be around this week I will be traveling to delta early morning before four that's why I had to tell you now, my wife will take care of the rest.
Me: okay sir no problem.
Landlord: okay thank you bye.
He left and then I locked the doorm
Mama Favor: don't worry I will talk with my husband, am going now we will talk tomorrow.
Me: okay bye then, and thanks.
She tiptoed out of my room and theb I layed on my bed and started thinking what's wrong with me, I just layed with a married woman oh, I just hope I won't be bursted one day.
I slept off and later wokeup the next day feeling very tired, I took my phone and called my manager at work telling him what the landlord said and that I will need time to pack my things, he told me no problem that I should take care of myself, after the call I walk out to see Mama Favor.
I saw her arranging her goods outside her house, there is no sign of her husband car anywhere that means her husband has gone to work, I just hope she talk to her husband as she said she will do yesterday,.
"Good morning ma" I said as I went to sit on the bench in front of the store,
"Omohe lokhwa, (big boy) how far na?"
Me: I dey oh, how your family?
Mama: we they fine, about that stuff yes I talk to my husband.
Me: and?
Mama: yes he agreed to let you stay in the empty room for two weeks only if you always do what I want.
Me: waoh thanks ma, of course I will do anything for you.
Mama: that's my boy, okay follow me let me show you the room.
Me: alright.

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